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Epic Tahitian surf for Rangiroa Pro Junior opening day

Garrett Parkes : photo ASP Australasia/Rowland

Tahiti Nui Satellite Rangiroa Pro Junior

ASP Grade 5 Junior Men's event
Tuanotu, Tahiti
15 - 19 March 2010

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Juniors Revel in Epic Surf on Opening Day of Rangiroa Pro Junior

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 March, 2010 : - - Rangiroa, Tahiti -- Forty eight of the world’s top pro junior surfers found themselves surfing the heats of their lives as Rangiroa survived up perfect two-meter tubes, on the first day of competition at the TNS Rangiroa Pro Junior in Tahiti, today.

Perth Standlick (Bondi, NSW) couldn’t believe his luck when he opened his Tahitian campaign with the highest individual wave score of the event, a near perfect 9.50 (out of ten) to win the heat over Tommy Meyers (NSW), Loezic Amavry (PYF) and Francisco Alves (POR).

“It’s pumping out there,” Standlick said. “How often do you get to surf stand-up barrels with only three other guys out for 30 minutes, its amazing! The water’s warm, the suns out, you couldn’t ask for much more from a contest!”

Posting his second set of excellent scoring rides during his round 24 match-up against standout local surfer Niuhi Marere (PYF), Standlick advanced in second place when Marere posted an incredible 18.60 heat total win the heat.

 Jack Freestone (Coolangatta) wasn’t so lucky in his opening clash, the round of 32 heat cost him a fully functional big toe.

“I took off on a wave and it was a bomb,” explained Freestone. “ As I was pulling underneath the curtain I thought, ‘this is going to be a stand up barrel’, so I went to stand up and the curtain dropped and ‘lipped’ me straight on the head. The wave sucked me back over and just pushed me straight down. I landed  on my foot and just felt it slice, when I got back up I saw my toe flapping.”

Despite the injury Freestone took the win over Makai McNamara (HAW) and Jermone Forrest (WA) but was later defeated placing third, behind Marere and Standlick in the round of 24. Carrarong surfer Ty Watson secured two consecutive heat wins to advance into the round of 12 after a convincing first place finish ahead of Mitch Crews and Landon MacNamara (HAW), in the round of 24.

Makai McNamara (Haw) and Matt Lewis-Hewitt (NZL) where the other two heat winners to advance into the round of 12 this afternoon. Still to complete their round of 24 match-ups were early event standouts James Woods (Qld) and Tamaroa McComb (Qld).

Woods revealed his affinity for tube riding by posting an incredible 18.00 (out of 20.00) to advance in first place over Brent Savage (NSW), eliminating the Tahitian duo of Te'are Teinaore and Thibayd Tauru from the event. Tahitian born, Gold Coast based surfer Tamaroa McComb looked right at home in his local waters defeating Australian Chris Friend with an excellent 17.75 heat total.

Blake Ainsworth (QLD), Garret Parkes (NSW), Billy Kean (NSW), Wade Charmichael (NSW) and Brent Savage (NSW) were other Australian surfers yet to complete their round of 24 heats.

The inaugural Tahiti Nui Satellite Rangiroa Pro Junior sees 48 of the world's best pro junior, 21 years and under, compete in Tahiti from the 15 - 19 March 2010. The surfers will compete for US$25,000 in prize money and valuable ratings points to qualify for the ASP World Junior Tour.

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