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Eric Geiselman wins Lost Pro Junior at Huntingtom Bch



Lost Pro Junior
Presented by Jacks Surfboards & O'Neill

ASP Grade 1 Pro Junior*
Huntington Beach
24 -26 March 2006

Live Webcast  |   Heatdraw/Results (Slow to xls)

Eric Geiselman claims the Lost Pro Junior title with brilliant surfing

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 March, 2006 : - - Huntington Beach, CA – The Lost Pro Junior crowned Eric Geiselman (New Smyrna Beach)  as it's champion today Sunday, which saw clean three to four-foot peaks gracing the site of the Association of Surfing Professional (ASP) Grade 1 Pro junior event.

The Lost Pro Junior featured some of the best up-and-coming surfers in North America.  With several surfers competing in both the men’s and junior’s events, the final at the Lost Pro Junior was an exhibition in phenomenal surfing. Nick Rozsa (Oxnard) surfed heroically winning his quarter-final heat and finishing runner-up in his semi-final despite nursing a severely-injured foot.

“I decided to surf the day before the competition, and I surfed in front of my house, and I injured my foot pretty badly.  I air-dropped inside the barrel and landed on my board, and it compressed against my foot.  My big toe ended up bending all the way over to the side of my foot. I tore a couple of ligaments and the cartilage – it’s just really hard to surf,” Rozsa said.

Cory Arrambide (Ventura) and Dylan Graves (Puerto Rico) both surfed well beyond their young years and looked poised to win the final.  However, it was New Smyrna Beach’s Eric Geiselman who surfed brilliantly to claim the Lost Pro Junior title.

Thanks to all our competitors and event sponsors for such an amazing contest.  The next event on the ASP North American tour will be the four-star Body Glove Surfbout beginning at Lower Trestles on April 25.
See you there.

ASP Grade-One Lost Pro Junior – Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Finals

Quarter-final 1:
15.25 Nick Rozsa (USA),
9.50 Killian Garland (USA),
9.25 Kevin Sullivan (USA),
7.35 Logan Strook (USA)

Quarter-final 2:
15.25 Eric Geiselman (USA),
11.90 Hank Gaskell (HAW),
10.75 Chris Waring (USA),
5.50 Eddie Guilbeau (USA)

Quarter-final 3:
10.30 Dylan Graves (PRI),
10.30 Sterling Spencer (USA),
9.50 Nico Becerra (PER),
8.50 Brandon Ragenovich (USA)

Quarter-final 4:
15.75 Tanner Gudauskas (USA),
14.00 Cory Arrambide (USA),
9.25 Jesse Heilman (USA), 6.65
Ian Ekberg (USA)

Semi-final 1:
14.75 Eric Geiselman (USA),
14.10 Nick Rozsa (USA),
9.85 Hank Gaskell (HAW),
8.10 Killian Garland (USA)

Semi-final 2:
16.75 Cory Arrambide (USA),
12.25 Dylan Graves (PRI),
8.75 Tanner Gudauskas (USA),
6.95 Sterling Spencer (USA)

1 – 12.25 Eric Geiselman (USA) $2,000
2 – 11.85 Nick Rozsa (USA) $900
3 – 10.00 Cory Arrambide (USA) $600
4 – 7.90 Dylan Graves $500



West Coast Juniors dominate opening round of Lost Pro Junior

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 March, 2006 : - - Huntington Beach, CA – Saturday saw small surf for the juniors today who continued action following the completion of round five of the Vans Pro, in the ASP Grade 1 Lost Pro Junior with round two.

Heat one of the Lost Pro Junior saw the triumphant return of Nick Rozsa (Huntington Beach) to competition. Rozsa, fresh off a foot injury, was absent from the Vans Pro, but linked together some long rides to take the win in heat one.

Other standouts in the junior event included Hank Gaskell (Hawaii), Sterling Spencer (Pensacola), Dylan Graves (Puerto Rico), and Jesse Heilman (Daytona Beach).

Super-juniors Tanner Gudauskas (San Clemente), Eric Geiselman (New Smyrna Beach), and Killian Garland (Orcutt) have all advanced to the quarter finals in both the men’s and juniors events – look out for an event sweep. The quarter-finals of the Lost Pro Junior will hit the water tomorrow at 7:30 am as surfers battle for the $5,000 prize purse and valuable ratings points.

Competition will resume tomorrow at 7:30 am with the quarter finals of the Lost Pro Junior and will continue with the Vans Pro and the O’Neill Women’s Pro. All divisions will finish up tomorrow, Sunday, March 26th.


Lost Pro Junior – Round of 32: Heats 1 – 8 (1st and 2nd advance)
Heat 1: 11.30 Nick Rozsa (USA), 10.25 Chris Waring (USA), 9.50 Tommy Bursian (PRI), 8.00 Jason Harris (USA)
Heat 2: 9.15 Logan Strook (USA), 8.35 Eddie Guilbeau (USA), 6.50 Chris Broman (USA), 5.55 Ricky Whitlock (USA)
Heat 3: 14.60 Hank Gaskell (HAW), 11.15 Kevin Sullivan (USA), 10.75 Drew Ventura (USA), 6.05 Zack Humphreys (USA)
Heat 4: 14.50 Eric Geiselman (USA), 10.90 Killian Garland (USA), 10.00 Mike Chandler (USA), 5.80 Leslie Bursian (PRI)
Heat 5: 13.80 Sterling Spencer (USA), 13.00 Ian Ekberg (USA), 10.65 Brad Burdick (USA), 7.50 Matt Mohagen (USA)
Heat 6: 12.40 Dylan Graves (PRI), 11.00 Cory Arrambide (USA), 9.75 Devon Tresher (USA), 8.90 Blake Jones (USA)
Heat 7: 14.50 Tanner Gudaskas (USA), 11.25 Brandon Regenovich (USA), 6.95 Brent Reilly (USA), 6.05 Jaime Parkhurst (USA)
Heat 8: 13.25 Jesse Heilman (USA), 12.75 Nico Becerra (PER_, 6.50 Dane Ward (USA), 5.70 Wesley Toth (PRI)

The event is being broadcast live via webcast at
For daily updates log on to or



Contest Schedule

Sunday, March 26
7:30a - 8:50a Lost Pro Junior Quarterfinal
8:50a - 10:10a Vans Pro Quarterfinal
10:10a - 11:00a O'Neill Pro Semi-Finals
11:00a - 11:50a Lost Pro Junior Semi-Finals
11:50a - 12:40p Vans Pro Semi-Finals
12:40p - 1:10p Lost Pro Junior FINALS
1:10p - 1:40 p O'Neill Pro FINALS
1:40p - 2:10p Vans Pro FINALS

The team at Vans is thankful for the support from Jack's Surfboards, O'Neill, Lost and Spy in producing the Vans Pro.

For the Vans Pro webcast, visit

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