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ESA All-Star team trains with North Shore's best

The 2015 ESA All-Stars © Mickey McCarthy



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East Coast's top AMs take apart North Shore for annual All Star Team trip

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 March, 2015 - North Shore, Hawaii - The Eastern Surfing Association All-Star Team just wrapped up a three-week training trip to the North Shore of Oahu.  Two groups of boys and one group of the girls traveled to surfing’s “mecca,” where they participated in training sessions with elite, professional surf coaches.

“Our All-Star Team members are some of the best competitors in the ESA, and it’s only fitting for them to train with the best coaches on the best waves in the world,” says ESA Executive Director Michelle Sommers.  “It’s imperative that we offer them the training they need to reach their personal and professional goals in surfing, and Hawaii is certainly the place to do this.”

Team member Cory Jackson says, "I've visited the North Shore a few times and even lived there as kid, but this recent trip was the greatest experience out there I've ever had.  I enjoyed pushing my limits and charging with the boys."

Not only did the team surf the famous breaks along the 7-mile miracle, including Sunset Beach, they had the opportunity to work with Pipeline professional Tamayo Perry and his wife Emilia, who is one of the few women who surf Pipeline regularly.  Both surf coaches from Oahu Surfing Experience, they taught the East Coast surfers the water skills they must have to handle Hawaiian surf and shared their vast local knowledge both in and out of the water.

“Straight off the plane and right into the frying pan, the ESA All-Star Team stepped up to the plate!” says both Tamayo.  “They listened well and applied their knowledge. We are unbelievably proud of their efforts."

"Working with Tamayo Perry was really beneficial.  He has so much respect in the line- up that it actually extends to you as an athlete and visitor,” says Jordan Montgomery, an All-Star member from Virginia Beach.  Lily Whatley from Florida adds, “Not only did Tamayo and Emilia help critique my body mechanics while surfing, they really helped us understand the line-up at Sunset Beach while teaching us about respect and the true aloha spirit.”

The All-Star Team also had the opportunity to train with surf coach Kahea Hart.  Hart, former Hurley team manager and current assistant coach for the ISA World Champion Hawaiian team, runs the North Shore Surf Clinic Hawaii.  He offered everyone sessions that helped them take their surfing to a new level.

“Having the opportunity to train with Kahea Hart was a highlight of my first trip to Hawaii,” says All-Star Cooper Fortney.  “Learning from a local such as Hart was really cool.”  Kallie Leonik adds, “Being able to work with some of the best coaches in the world was an incredible experience.”

The girls had the opportunity to attend the Women’s Pipeline Pro during their weeklong trip.  They were excited to meet current WSL leader Carissa Moore, big-wave charger Keala Kennelly and other professional women surfers.

East Coast photographer Mickey McCarthy was there to capture all the action during the three-week period.  Check out his gallery of photographs on the ESA All-Star Team Facebook page.

Cecil Lear, ESA’s co-founder adds, “When you get off the plane in Hawaii you get a special feeling. It's a great training ground and the people are great! I've been to Hawaii 22 times and it’s still my favorite place. I'm proud that the All-Star Team is where it is today.”

Michelle Sommers

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