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EuroSIMA survey shows need for biz incubators



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EuroSIMA focuses on growing businesses | Francaise

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 June, 2014 - EuroSIMA carried out a survey on a panel of companies, representative of the «start-up» category, in order to map out the talent and skills in the area and increase knowledge on these entrepreneurs. The survey included 10 key points covering their profiles and expectations.

EuroSIMA has observed the existence of a significant amount of young companies and independent entrepreneurs in Aquitaine. Over 100 entities were identified, some of which took part in a sur-vey to help us get to know them to determine and answer their needs.

Following the numerous lay-offs in our area, due to the economic crisis, over the past few years many small independent companies have emerged, which shows that determination and entrepreneurship is alive and well in our territory. Although these small entities have close ties to the boardsports industry, they remain relatively isolated and need custom assistance and services.

What solutions can we bring them and how can we help structure this new map of entrepreneurship in our region? Companies in South-Aquitaine attracted by the quality of life and proximity to the boardsports industry. To the question «Why did you choose to set up your business in Aquitaine?» most interviewees answered: «to be close to decision-makers in the (boardsports) in-dustry, for the quality of life and to be able to surf regularly.»

Closely tied to our industry, half* of the companies interviewed generate 100% of their turnover with clients from the boardsports industry. EuroSIMA «start-up» membership: a solution to provide networking opportunities and visibility to growing busi-nesses. There is currently no existing structure to unite these businesses or highlight their expertise and value.

In order to federate them, provide increased visibility and give them access to mem-ber services, EuroSIMA has opened a new membership category, «start-up» (open to companies under 3 years old and with a turnover under 50.000 €).

For a reduced membership fee (annual membership: 150€), companies will receive assistance with finding funding or new clients, gain access to free training, receive assistance with market information and networking, etc... Given their isolation, these entrepreneurs need develop-ment and networking oppor-tunities and assistance.

According to our study, 75%* of interviewed compa-nies would be ready to join EuroSIMA to expand their network. 

Possible corporate space: new projects for business incubators in the South Landes and Pays Basque

In 2008, EuroSIMA proudly participated in creating the business incubator Olatu Leku, in Anglet. Six years later, with 27 young companies in the premises, it is a clear success both for the public institutions that helped bring the project to life as well as for the satisfied tenants.

Today however, it has reached full capacity with requests still flooding in. Two new projects are therefore in consideration to answer the ever-increasing demand. Olatu Leku 2 (an extension of the existing structure) in Anglet is an option, as well as pos-sible new incubator in the Pédebert zone in Soorts-Hossegor.

For the latter, territorial representatives and EuroSIMA are considering reorganizing the Pédebert zone to include a business incubator. The objective would be to provide growing businesses with the office space they need, right in the center of the boards-ports industry, while grouping the talent, skills and expertise in a central location easily accessible to existing larger boardsports companies.

Companies interviewed showed highly positive reac-tions to possible new incubators.

Stephanie Godin

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