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Explore Europe: The Old, the Young & the Sea

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Meet the people who inhabit, visit, protect and surf Europe

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Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 September, 2014 - The Old, the Young & the Sea OldYoungSea embarks on an adventurous documentary trip along the Atlantic Coast of France, Spain and Portugal. The movie frames a vivid snapshot of Europe's post-modern coastal culture, which is significantly influenced by the hippie heritage of the 1960s, modern surfing pop-industry and the vital relationship of coastal inhabitants with Mother Nature. OldYoungSea introduces the audience into a world of cultural discovery, surprising encounters and the search for the spirit of traveling.

The movie begins with elderly gentlemen; pioneers of the 60s and 70s, telling their story on how surf and with it travelling started for them personally and in Europe generally. Modern day camper Milea introduces us to the casual lifestyle of a travelling surfer now, Guilherme and Jonas are determined to become professional surfers later, what Aritz and Tim already are. Kepa and later Clive give us insight into an alternative life dedicated to the sea, Carlos and Francois show us the environmental problems threatening the sanity of our oceans. And there are Garrett and Guillaume - both very different from another - state: Everything is possible if you are willing to take life into your own hands.

For all of these characters surfing is a pervading lifestyle. All sorts of ocean lovers all over Europe have their eyes on a very slim stretch of land and water. Documenting this stretch of land OldYoungSea
captures a schematic picture of vibrant European life through the very personal stories of the movie's protagonists.

 Mario Hainzl and Andreas Jaritz are the founders of Austria based media production company Nomad Earth Media. The two have a master’s degree in media and communications. Living abroad in Spain, Chile and Senegal during their university years and travelling the remotest corners of the world both discovered their desire for capturing and publishing stories about the people they have met along the way. The Old, the Young & the Sea is their debut movie as director and producer, which they created together with fellow filmmakers and photographers: Stefan Leitner, Roman Königshofer, Harald Brettermeier and Sebastian Funk.


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The Producers Tell The Story Behind This Amazing Documentary

The idea for The Old, the Young & the Sea was born out of a few circumstances coming together in 2007: Andreas was leaving Austria for studying in Chile, Mario was preparing for his studies in Senegal.

By that time we were amped about the idea to make a living from traveling the world, discovering foreign cultures, collect and publish stories about our journeys and the people we met along the road. There was also this Austrian gonzo movie Zen & Zero in which a bunch of landlocked Austrians go on a pilgrimage along the classic surfing route from California to Costa Rica. It’s a Hunter S. Thompson style road movie flavored with bandidos, the search for the perfect wave and Allan Weisbecker, the novelist of The Search of Captain Zero.

Back then we were so naïve and thought: “Man, we could do something like this in Europe! There is a classic route in Europe too! It’s called The European Leg (some call it the European Hippie Trail). It’s a
mystical ocean road from south west of France, along the Spanish north down to Lisbon in Portugal and even further to Morocco. A route travelled by the early missionaries of surfing in the 60s (Vietnam veterans, outlaws and surf hippies).

We were stoked about wave riding, but – to be true - we had no idea about surfing’s history, the culture and the lifestyle of surfing.

Six years, uncountable road trips and two filming trips later we are finishing our - so far - longest Odyssey.

The Sea © Watch the Film Here


How Did The Director Come About Doing This Project?

The Old, the Young and the Sea is our first full feature project. We started OldYoungSea with the naive ideals of the cinematographic novices in the heart and an Austrian tradition of direct cinema documentaries in mind.

OldYoungSea is thought to be a road-trip-documentary, reflecting - in a direct and technically minimalistic and pure style - the past, the present and the future of the people who an open-minded traveller encounters along the road.

Our goal was to bring our protagonist's life and their very personal stories to the audience the way we experienced them: some interviews were pre-arranged but the majority happened because of lucky coincidences and mere serendipity. It is the way the true spirit of traveling works: Today you do not know what tomorrow brings.

Technically we wanted to interrupt our protagonists in their daily life as little as possible. For this reason we choose to work with small cameras, pin microphones and hardly any artificial light. We did not want our protagonists to feel like we are intruding into their lives. During our filming trips the crew lived a culture of participating observation. We made a lot of friends along the road.

Another aspect of the movie is that we chose the lifestyle of surfing as a golden thread. Surfing is a sport like no other: The search for the perfect wave unites the most different people from all over Europe along a very slim stretch of land. No matter which color their skin is, if they are rich or poor or which ethnicity they belong to.

Capturing the life along the coast and the people we met offered to us a unique possibility to embody a schematic of modern European culture.



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