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FCS II Essential Series takes USA SIMA Award




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FCS follows up last year's win with another SIMA Award

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 April, 2015 - Southern California - Surf Hardware International is proud to receive back-to-back SIMA awards for Hardgoods Accessory Product of the year. Last year the award was given for the FCS II system, and this year it was humbly accepted for the FCS II Essential Series fin range.

The award recognises the best surf hardgood accessory product in 2014 featuring the most exciting innovation, design and appeal. Accessory products such as fins, leashes, boardbags and other hardgood accessories are all considered for the prestigious award.

No panel is involved in determining the winner of the award; winners are simply based on the highest number of votes obtained from retailers and SIMA members.

Inspiration for the FCS II Essential Series came from surfers craving a family of fins that not only simplified the fin selection process, but could clearly deliver specific performance advantages.

“Our research showed that most surfers were confused about surfboard fins, so we developed a simple range of four fins that would basically accommodate all types of waves and surfing styles”- Mike Durante, Head Designer at SHI

The four fin templates; the Reactor, Performer, Accelerator and Carver were aptly named to represent the type of performance they offered. Each fin has a purpose, and every design element was infused into the fin for a reason. The tagline for the new fin range, Around the World with 4 Fins, was also something that resonated with surfers and retails.

“We want to thank the retailers for backing in the Essential Series fin range, and we also want to thank the surfers and shapers around the world for believing in the system” - USA’s Regional Manager, Matt Jones

Many of the WSL tour competitors quickly gravitated to the Essential Series fin range. World Champion Gabriel Medina won his maiden World Title riding the Performer Large template, while women’s World Champion Steph Gilmore has been riding the carver template.

The Essential Series concept was also applied to a new quad range. As with the thruster fins, each quad template was designed with a particular type of performance in mind, and with a foil to complement the Essential Series thruster side fins sharing the same name.

To date 22 WCT victories and 5 WSL World Titles have been won by surfers riding the FCS II system and fins.

Richie Lovett

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