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Whate fins did Gabriel Medina use at Cloudbreak?

Medina and the Alley-Oop © FCS





Team Updates

Medina discusses his Fiji FCS fin selection

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 June, 2014 - Gabriel Medina has regained the #1 position on the ASP World Tour Ratings following his recent win at the Fiji Pro. In the final Gabriel defeated Nat Young riding the FCS II Performer PC Carbon Large fin template.

Going one position better than his runner up finish last year, Medina looked totally on-point from the outset of the event. Mixing power hacks and long barrels with precision perfect timing, Medina totally outclassed his competitors on the long walls of Cloudbreak.

“I came early to Fiji to get tuned into the wave again and get used to my equipment. The waves were small for the comp, but super fun and I found a magic board that worked perfectly with the Performers”, said Gabriel post victory.

In contrast to the big conditions typically seen in Fiji, 2014 was plagued with small, but still highly contestable waves. The smaller conditions also prompted Medina to make some calculated changes to the fin material he was riding throughout the event.

“I was riding the Performer PC for some of my heats because it has a little more flex in the tip, but for the final day I switched back to the stiffer Performer PC Carbon so I could make quicker transitions and push even harder through my turns.”

The decision to switch fin materials proved advantageous for Gabriel in the clean waves that called for lightning fast adjustments between barrel riding, open face carves, and tight pocket snaps.

Another FCS team surfer who shined in Fiji was Kolohe Andino. Riding his new signature FCS II KA fin, Kolohe carried over his form from Brazil by making the semi’s with critical backhand surfing. This latest result serves to build Kolohe’s confidence even further and validate his position among the world’s elite.

Huge congratulations go to Gabriel and Sally for stitching up a double victory for FCS II in Fiji. At last count 9 of the top 16 men, and 9 of the top 15 women were actively riding the new system.

Since its inception into the market the FCS II system has won industry design awards, two ASP World Titles, and numerous WCT victories.

Richie Lovett

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