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FCS launches H-3 Nexus, new fin all about flex...


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The latest evolution in fin design comes with TRICOIL technology

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 August, 2010 : - -The FCS H-3 NEXUS features TRICOIL technology, a dynamic flex pattern that effectively stores and releases energy as the surfer transitions from one turn into the next. This transition between turns is where most surfers struggle to maintain speed.

At FCS we believe we’ve solved this problem by designing a fin with a highly efficient template, material stability, minimal drag characteristics, and above all, unparalleled flex properties. From the moment you ride the FCS H-3 NEXUS you’ll realise this fin has something special. Whether your surfing tight in the pocket or carving on the open face, you can surf confidently knowing all the elements of the fin are working in synergy to deliver the ultimate advantage, more speed.

The performance of the H-3 Nexus is seamless; yet quite deliberate in the way it feels. As the evolution of the FCS H Series continues, so does the way we ride waves. “The H-3 Nexus gives me a burst of speed and acceleration right before I hit the lip. It’s a fast fin, and when you have speed you have more options” – Dion Agius

Performance Rating (medium) Thruster: (medium)
Base: 4.45’ 113mm
Depth: 4.49” 114.0mm
Area: 14.44’² 9318mm²
Sweep: 34º
Cant: 0º
*Fins are rated relative only to the fins within their size category and are not comparable across other sizes.

To make a fin that performs more efficiently we had to ensure it could flex in multiple directions. FCS TRICOIL Technology is the latest development in fin flexion which draws on the material lay-up of the fin, the cambered foil, and the overall fin template. The result is a multi-directional flex pattern.

This unique flex pattern allows the fin to ‘load-up’ and flex under pressure, and then de-coil once the pressure is released. Ultimately the fin stores energy during the transition between turns and then gives it back to the surfer in the form of speed and acceleration. The feeling can be compared to a slingshot, or whipping effect as the surfer enters and then exits through the turning arc.

A highly efficient foil can be the defining element that makes for exceptional fin performance. The highly cambered foil in the base of the fin provides drive and hold, the low cambered foil in the tip provides stability and allows the fin to release with control, even when the fin is pushed to the limits. This cambered foil also increases the fins stall angle which helps to produce down-the-line speed and maintain projection through the entire turning arc.

The FCS H-3 NEXUS features an efficient, low aspect ratio elliptical template. The long base increases drive, moderate volume in the tip enhances the flex and coil characteristics, and the smooth transitional trailing edge reduces water separation, which is traditional linked to cavitation. Translated, this means increased speed and drive through minimal water disturbance.

Visually it’s easy to see how technology and performance overlap. Structurally, the fin draws on a combination of engineered Bi-axial Carbon and Uni-directional Kevlar to achieve the TRICOIL flex pattern. The Uni-directional carbon base further increases stiffness in the base of the fin, and helps to distribute pressure away from the plugs by reducing the twisting forces on the fin tabs.

The Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) process delivers consistency across manufacturing and guarantees the integrity of the flex and foils. Epoxy resin is used to provide strength and material stability, while the lightweight moulded PU core further reduces the overall weight of the fin. For more information visit

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