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In a few years the UK may have some of the world's best surf

Wavegarden technology © Surf Snowdonia



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Proposed site sits just outside of London near Heathrow Airport

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 July, 2015 - On the eve of the launch of the UK’s first large-scale wave pool, Surf Snowdonia in Wales, the town of Hounslow is eyeing a wave pool of it’s own.

The watersports venue would be built across the road from Hounslow Heath, opposite a proposed children's adventure park, under plans submitted by the people behind the Hobbledown theme park in Epsom.

The application for the surfing lake is circulating online for a waterspouts venue that would use Wavegarden technology, like Surf Snowdonia.

Kidspace Adventure Holdings submitted the application to Hounslow Council and said the project would be of similar size and layout to Surf Snowdonia in Wales.

More detailed plans would have to be submitted if it is approved, and there are no drawings showing how it might look at this stage.

Surf Snowdonia is 300m-long, more than 100m-wide and filled with 31,000 cubic metres of water and can produce waves up to 2m-high.

Kidspace estimates about 80,000 visitors a year would use the proposed surfing lake in Hounslow.

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