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Firewire enters partnership with Tomo Surfboards


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Shaper Daniel Thomson latest addition to roster of Firewire partners

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 August, 2012 : - - Firewire is proud to announce a design partnership with Australian surfboard designer/professional free surfer Daniel Thomson; the founder of Tomo Surfboards, now residing in the US.  Daniel first started shaping boards in his teens, following in the footsteps of his father Mark Thomson, an accomplished board designer in his own right.

Not content to work on refining existing design principles, Daniel set out to reinvent the modern surfboard. Drawing on his rich knowledge of design history and utilizing his own elite surfing ability, Daniel was personally able to test his theories and build on the creations that carried the most potential.

“I first noticed Daniel’s designs at Sacred Craft and I was intrigued”, said Firewire CEO Mark Price, “after reaching out to Daniel and meeting with him, I was struck by his obvious intelligence and humility, and his absolute dedication to pushing the envelope through shape and materials – qualities that perfectly matched our own goals”. Price continued, “And that was before I even rode one of his boards. After stepping onto one of his designs, working together was a no brainer.”

Daniel was equally enthusiastic about his future endeavors with Firewire.  “I am really excited about the opportunity to work with Firewire, who stand out in my mind as a company dedicated to evolving the sport through technological and design advancements.

Daniel continued, “I have always believed that surfboard design and technology will eventually evolve to take surfing to new places, so I have always tried to be involved in innovation in that regard. It is awesome that Firewire has seen such potential in my work and I am really looking forward to the results of this partnership.”

The first Firewire/DT models will hit retail in early 2013, and will be Firewire branded along with the DT logo clearly visible. Distribution will remain confined to Firewire’s existing, premium account base. Daniel will also continue to offer his custom designs under the Tomo label.

“Firewire believes that refinements to the shape of today's modern surfboard can produce incremental performance benefits. However, exponential improvements in performance require new materials and construction methods which in turn will open up new design opportunities"

Source: Firewire Media

Author: Chris Cary / Firewire

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