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Firewire launches three new models for 2014

Nev's Hashtag model by Firewire



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Firewire debuts the Hashtag, Double Agent and Nano

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 January, 2014 - Firewire is excited to announce its 2014 New Model Lineup featuring shapes by Nev Hyman, Dan Mann and Daniel Thomson.  With the demand to reduce board length from the last couple of years beginning to dissipate, designers have shifted their focus to refining the performance characteristics of the modern surfboard shape to suit a new set of preferences. 

Nev’s 2014 Hashtag model is a good representation of this exact dynamic. Designed to have top end performance, the HASHTAG is still ridden 1”-2” shorter than your normal shortboard.   It boasts generous thickness under foot that tapers to a responsive rail with a buttery, step-down round tail.  

At 19 1/4” wide on the 5’10”, there still is a forgiving planing surface that works with the surfer in slower conditions yet is uninhibited through steep sections due to a slightly increased overall rocker.  The end result is an epic combination of performance and versatility.

The Double Agent Dan Mann’s latest brainchild, has its roots firmly entrenched in the ultra successful Potato series, yet it shaves a bit of volume in the back half of the board and has a pulled in tail.  This immediately adds sensitivity and provides the surfer with a short, familiar feeling small wave craft that can be pushed harder and more aggressively.  The DOUBLE AGENT’s deep double concave makes the board drivey and lightning fast in rail to rail transitions. 

2013 was a big year for Firewire and Daniel Thomson, of Tomo Surfboards, and 2014 looks to be the same.   The 2014 Nano plays off the strength of the Modern Planing Hull (MPH) seen in the Vanguard and has a clean, foiled shape that allows for a smooth and effortless ride.  With a wide and rounded square tail, the NANO offers exceptional speed while the orientation and shape of the rails offer reliable edge control in steep sections. 



Firewire is looking forward to an exciting and busy 2014 year and this is just the beginning, be sure to keep your fingers on the pulse. Firewire believes in the continued improvement of modern day surfboards through the optimization of flex, the development of new technologies and the inclusion of greener raw materials to reduce environmental impact.
Chris Cary

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