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Firewire Surfboards set up new headquarters in the US




Firewire Surfboards Lights Up in the US

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 April, 2006 : - - FIREWIRE Surfboards has set up its USA headquarters in Cardiff, California. The company was recently formed to refine Nev’s FUTURE SHAPES TECHNOLOGY. The culmination of over 10 years of intensive R&D, FIREWIRE Surfboards incorporates cutting edge technology to eliminate the age-old trade off between the performance and durability of traditional polyurethane boards.

In the process, aligning the technology of epoxy, advanced composites and styrene foam with the age-old flex memory advantages of one of the oldest, most enduring materials known to man: wood. This environmentally award winning construction produces an extremely lightweight, durable, custom surfboard that is best recognized for its unbelievable performance.

The boards eliminate the traditional centerline stringer, (which actually limits flexibility), replacing it with parabolic wooden rails. This rail configuration works in tandem with the triple density foam core to create a rapid response flex memory.

The effect is similar to the acceleration experienced coming out of turns on a snowboard.

Literally squirting you into your next turn as the flex memory returns the board to its original rocker, before flexing again as you set up your next maneuver. While new to the scene by name, FIREWIRE Surfboards has deep roots in the industry.

The management team includes Nev Hyman who brings over 30 years of shaping experience, Bert Berger the ‘epoxy scientist’, Dougall Walker and Matthew Perrin, previously General Manager and CEO of Billabong Australia respectively, and David Cross the former CEO of Base before joining FIREWIRE. Mark Price, former VP of Marketing at Reef rounds out the group. 

FIREWIRE Surfboards are significantly less harmful to the environment than traditional surfboards. Over a 5-year lifespan, including the construction process, a traditional PU surfboard releases 50 times more Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) than a Firewire surfboard. In recognition of this, FIREWIRE Surfboards won the coveted EuroSIMSA Environmental Product of the Year Award in 2005.

 In further recognition of the surfboards performance characteristics and eco-friendliness, FIREWIRE was one of the nominees for the SIMA 2005 Product Innovation of the Year Award.

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