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Here's what it's like to surf trek through the Gabon wilds





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Discovering new horizons, surfing and surviving is what the recipe of "Lost In The Swell" serie is made of 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 March, 2017 - Lost In The Swell follows the adventures of three French surfers through some of the wildest places on the planet in their quest for waves and new experiences. 

After their first trip a few years ago, Ewen, Ronan & Aurel redicovered Britany and created the innovative clip "Gwalaz" before leaving the French motherland to explore the Solomon Islands in Pacific Ocean.

Discovering new horizons, surfing and simply surviving is the recipe of the "Lost In The Swell" series and that wonton adventure is what makes it an exciting series.

Last year they decided to explore the coastline of Gabon via their Fat Bike to find new adventures. 

On their way, with just enough food to survive, they dodged lethal animals like crocodiles, elephants, sharks and snakes. After some days of flat ocean they finally found what they came for, perfect lefhanders. 

As good as it looks in Gabon, these Skeleton Bay-esque waves are infested with sharks. But that's not a big deal for these three madmen that came to Gabon kitted out with shark deterent wetsuits and sharkbanz wristbands.

According to their guide no one had surfed this wave before so they decided to call it " Bambi's Left " in honor of a deer that was cruising in front of the spot.

You can follow the crew's adventures here.



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