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France's SeventyOne Percent seeks distributors



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Distributors Wanted: SeventyOne Percent seeking distributors

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 March, 2012 : - - SeventyOne Percent* is a French company based in Hossegor which has designed and produced an innovative, technical concept, created for the needs of the boardriding market, offering riders a Prepare, Protect and Recover care solution: BEFORE , DURING and AFTER a session.

Founded by three friends with common passion for surfing, the idea is to combined 3 ranges of products to answer the very specific demands of action sports with the globally reknowed knowledge of the French cosmetics industry.

Before: THE BOMB SHOT /Natural energy shot
During: THE GOLDEN RULES /Sun wind and Cold protection
After: OUT OF THE BLUE / Care & Recovery

A complete and effective brand to enhance your surfing experience in all conditions.

Technical and environmental protection are the core values of SEVENTYONE PERCENT. All the products are eco friendly manufactured in France.  Paraben and Pretrochemical free.

As the the Brand is getting successful in a few European countries, SeventyOne Percent is now looking to extend their distribution across the borders and the oceans.

*(70% of the earth covered by water / 1% of the profits for the Surf Rider Foundation) 



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