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French surfer captures hippie vibe in India

Teiki Ballian © Fabien le Boulluec

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Webisode series Salted Memoirs airs Episode One: India

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 March, 2013 : - - It’s been a month since the French free surfer Teiki Ballian released a trailer announcing his forthcoming Salted Memoir's episodes, and right on schedule here is the first one.

This clip has Teiki exploring the uncharted waters of India, where he meets two other foreigners that have been camping out in the jungle for months to surf India’s empty waves. In exchange for a few cold beers they entertain Teiki with a song, played on a guitar made from bamboo  found on the beach, which you'll hear as Teiki samples some tasty Indian waves.

Bali Expat and French Free Surfer/Wanderer Teiki Ballian presents 'Salted Memoirs'. Every month there will be a new episode with a new destination including India, the Bono River Bore, the waves and jungles of the Mentawai Islands, Madagascar, Thailand and many more, so come along and enjoy this new journey.

Thanks to the collaborative efforst of Fabien le Boulluec, Madison Setiawan, Janine Ballian, Oki Carmine Sciaudon.

Source: Tim Hain

Author: The Editors

Tags: India, Surfer, Wanderer, Teiki Ballian

Video: Surfersvillage


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