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Wildcoast gets behind Oaxaca turtle project

Baby sea turtles © Ben Alman



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The Miraculous Journey of Baby Sea Turtles

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 December, 2014 - In 2015, WILDCOAST will expand our effort to work with sea turtle camps and our partners in Oaxaca, Mexico. With your help, we can increase sea turtle survival along one of the world’s most beautiful and unique coastlines.

Watching newly hatched baby sea turtles struggle out of their nests and make their way into the ocean is an emotional experience. Their mothers long gone, the tiny turtles are defenseless when they scramble into the surf guided only by instinct. 

Once they are hatched, sea turtles face a gauntlet of predators such as birds, dogs, cats, crabs and big fish who can't wait to gobble them up. It is estimated that only about 1 in 1,000 baby sea turtles survive to adulthood. If they are lucky and can avoid detection, baby sea turtles will leave their nesting beach and swim away into the deep blue ocean.
That is why in Mexico, sea turtle camps and their dedicated staff protect mother sea turtles while they lay their eggs. They protect the sea turtles from the poachers who descend on nesting beaches at night to steal thousands of eggs to sell in the black market. Then, when sea turtles hatch, these heroic wildlife protectors help the newborn turtles make it home to the sea.

Derry Cowley

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