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Gary Linden Surfboards


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Each Linden is an original. Making Top Quality surfboards since 1967

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 August, 2013 : - - Since 1967 Gary Linden has been shaping surfboards. His passion for big-wave surfing has translated into an understanding of big-wave guns that few shapers can match. His team roster is stocked with hot up-and-comers like supergrom Sebastian Williams. Linden's shapes for Sebastian have been so popular that Firewire Surfboards have launched a Sebastian Williams model.

Gary's refined skills as a craftsman have made him one of the most sought-after shapers in California. His handiwork is available to the general public through the iconic Linden Surfboards label. Take a look at the current lineup of Linden shapes and you'll find a stocklist of boards to suit any and every type of wave.

This board features a concave deck - smooth balanced rocker and a 5 fin fcs variable. It opens a whole new dimension to your surfing. Available 5'4 to 6'2

The RS pintail model is the Mexico team Linden favorite. Made for good waves, this design has a flatter rocker and precise outline for speed and maneuverability. Standard or parabolic stringer. Available 5'10 to 7'0

The most versatile and most refined board in the Linden lineup. Loose and fast, this is the competitive machine. Available 5'10 to 7'0

Four fin function features rail to rail control. Accelerate from either side of the board instead of off the center fin. With the added area in the tail it is possible to ride a shorter board allowing more maneuverability at no loss of speed. Tighter more punch and solid surfing the TT deserves a go.

Put it anywhere you want to, this roundtail model features a single concave bottom making it stable and fast. Available 5'10-6'6

Pretty Much what you need for quick bursts of speed and hard turns - works great in small surf. 5'6 to 6'2

Stink Fish does not like be left sitting around hence its name. The accentuated double wing swallowtail configuration really loosens up this full volume model. Flat deck for floatation and a smooth foil makes beach break surfing a treat. Quad or Tri fin configuration and with either you’ll be smelling sweet this summer.

Kilo Throw some weight with this full size double ender. Flat deck for stability and paddle power, complemented by a round tail round nose outline allows a straight mid section for speed. Fin configuration can be quad or tri depending on your preference. The Kilo is the perfect all around summer special.

Future stars start young. The grom model is for the mini light-weight surfer. Available 5'0 to 5'6 Costa Rican ALAS champion Jairo Perez rides a 5' 6"

The Century plant makes a beautiful wood that can be transformed into a masterpiece.

A firm yet reponsive ultra-lite timber with great glide and powering characteristics, hollowed and tuned like a Stradivarius violin. Each is made from hand-selected Ecuadorian balsa - the finest in the world. Shaped to order.

Semi Gun made for racing the tube Swamis 6'6 to 6'10 Oaxaca 7'0 to 8'5

Made to charge Dungeon model 9'6 to 10'6 Todos model 8'6 to 9'6

Designed in Brasil this curvy board has a low rocker for speed and a lively loose tail. The shape itself has evolved into a magic small wave board.
Available 5'5 to 7'4 in a 2 or 3 fin setup

Take a nine foot performance longboard and compress it into a 6'8 to 7'2 voila. This magic board has the best of all worlds. A nice mix of short and long which works in all conditions especially in the pocket.  Available in Aviso Technology

A fun board by definition, The Catalina is a great paddler allowing you to get up earlier and catch plenty of waves during summer’s smaller surf. A harmonic balance between longboard and hybrid. Built for performance surfing, its volume is also perfect as a beginner board. This is the most versatile design, maximising your performance and fun, from beginner to expert. Available 7’0 to 8'6

For the larger surfer or cruiser - It can handle big waves and small, this board is the one you bring on every trip.

Parabolic Stringers, Chambered Balsa, agave, foam - modern or classic, anything is possible

From the "Journey" launching the shortboard era to the twin fins, thrusters and even quad designs coming back today, these boards from the past can be recreated to suit your style.

Before the wide spread of the thrusters, single fins were still in vogue and one board was all you needed. In this millennium of profusion, it feels good to go back to simplicity and style. The 70s Linden single fin is for all conditions from heavy pitching barrels to summer’s small waves. Also available stringerless

Linden surfboards ruled the 80s. Representing the North County wearing day glow wetsuits and riding handshaped Linden boards were some of the best surfers of this decade; David & Paul Barr, Joey Buran, Brad Gerlach, Todd Holland, Taylor Knox, Mike Lambresi, Chuy Reyna and Colin Smith. Thicker and wider than today's boards, the 80s model recreates the magic of this era compiling all the creativity of this time into one performance model.

Contact 760-722-8956  It all starts with your phone call or email. We discuss your order and make a blank custom for the desired shape. Adjustments can be made to the rocker and stringer design. The blank is glued, cured and either hand or machine rough shaped then finish shaped by Gary and sent to laminate/color. Fin variations are many - and we can ship worldwide.

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