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Germany's best battle it out in France for National titles

Adrian Siebert © Surf DM/A. Johannes Wyneken



German Surfing Championships

Vieux Boucau, Landes France
3 - 10 October 2015

Newcomer on the German scene Marc Piwko takes the Open title

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 October, 2015 - Big powerful waves and light offshore winds offered a day of rhythmic and dramatic competition to close the Bundesliga Surf Competition. This event took place in Vieux Boucau from October 3rd to 10th.

In the Men’s Open Final, Piwko Mar became the surprise with its competitors Tobias Schroeder, Severin Clasen and Jonas Bronnert. The sports student from Cologne could hardly believe it: "When I came here, I wanted to finish in the top 10. Then I got in the finals, and now I am first. That's crazy. "

With his unique style and taste of risk, the so-called underdog knew his high score 11.20 points, and showed that he could present himself at the most crucial moments. Schroeder took second place with 7.97 points, followed by Clasen in third place with 7.80 points.

Alex Tesch, announced as a serious contender for the title of this edition, could not pass the first round against his opponents, Marcel Lehmann and Sebastian Scholz. After spending his entire series in second place, Tesch was deprived of a place in the quarterfinals thanks to Lehman’s last wave.

Also, big favourite,  Arne Bergwinkl, who took advantage of the ideal conditions of the final day for a free session in the morning, could not show up on time for the start of the series.

Although the organization of the competition tried to recover him by giving an opportunity to take part in another series, the other competitors, who had to accept their series, refused and therefore annihilated any hope for Bergwinkl.

In the Women’s Open, Laura Nickel was able to convince the judges with 3.10 points, ahead of her two competitors, Mascha Trietsch (2.46 points) and Judith Lüdenbach (2.07 points).

Meanwhile, the "Longboard" category saw the 2014 champion, Adrian Siebert, keeping his title with a score of 11.17 points. "I am very happy with my performance," he declared after the competition. As in the Open category, Tobias Schröder was awarded second place with a score of 10.60 points. Arne Bergwinkl finished on the smallest step of the podium with a score of 8.63 points.

In women, Mascha Trietsch was titrated for Germany Longboard Champion (with his father’s board) with a score of 7.50 points. Second place went to Lea Fröschle with 5.67 points, followed closely by Nele Vogelmann with 5.43 points.

The spectacular finale of the "junior" category was won by Gilles Noah Rese with a perfect score of 10.00 points, ahead of Tim Elter (8.07 points) and Tomás Weyerhaeuser Moriz (7.83 points). Rosina Neurer won the title of champion in this category, with a total of 6.77 points, followed by Janina Zeitler (5.94 points) and Jo-Jo Alpers (2.74 points).

Among the "Cadets", the title was awarded to Lenni Jensen. Tim Surtmann won the title in the "Senior" category, while Andreas Barkowski’s fine performance seized the title of German Champion "Master" cantegory.

Oliver Rinder dominated the Bodyboard final and won the title.

The best surfed waves are the credit of Lenni Jensen and Jonas Bronnet, with an impressive score of 8.33 points. All the more impressive when you consider Bronnet surfed with an eye injury throughout the competition, and Lenni Jensen had freshly turned 16.

In the "Junior" category, another young talent, Tim Elter, had a very good wave scoring him 6.33 points.

In three days of competition, about 945 waves were surfed. Despite unpredictable weather, the 2015 German Championship  welcomed 68 participants, more than sixty volunteers and countless spectators came to admire the magnificent spectacle offered by these athletes.

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