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Germany's premier surf film festival returns to Cologne

Expencive Porno Movie will play Cologne festival



Film Updates

Stephanie, Expencive Porno Movie & more 11-14 December

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 November, 2014 - In 1966, director Bruce Brown made film history with „The Endless Summer“ and laid the foundation for an entirely new genre – the surf movie. The fact that this genre is still innovative in 2014 is demonstrated by the biggest German surf film festival, which this year will be held in Cologne for the fourth time. From 11 to 14 December, surf film fans in Cologne will be able to experience a unique schedule with parties and screenings of the best current surf fi lm productions.

The kick off will take place on Thursday with the German premiere of Stephanie in the Water, right after the warm up at Cologneʻs institution Frittboards. The movie accompanies pro surfer Stephanie Gilmore in her struggle back to the top of the world after a dramatic turn of events had nearly terminated her career.

This will be followed by the German premiere of Expencive Porn Movie, which fills us with particular pride.

The 16-millimeter film lives up to its name as it impresses with exorbitantly high production costs and explicit surf porn by players such as Alex Knost, Dane Peterson and Kassia Meador in clearly unequivocal poses.

On Friday, the next cinematic highlight will be Beyond Sight. This documentation tells the true story about Derek Rabelo, a Brazilian boy whose greatest wish is to surf the famous Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Hawaiian island Oahu. The incredible thing about it: Derek has been blind from birth.

German premiere of 'Stephanie in the Water'


Afterwards, Bien Vu – the only German production – will document France on a typical day, with a mixture of fat barrels, croissants and a lot of fun.

The legendary OʻNeill Party presented by Planet Sports will take over from the movie schedule on Saturday night, taking place at Reineke Fuchs, and guarantee an unforgettable night among like-minded people, with
Jeremaier and Sven Dohse (Katermukke, Bar25) from Berlin.

The final evening will feature star guest Nic von Rupp in person, presenting the new episode of his My Road Series to the audience in Cinenova. With his movie, he shows that there is more to a surf trip than just hunting for the best wave and immerses us in encounters with people and cultures. 

Subsequently, Nic and his mates will knock our socks off with a fair dose of action and incredible surf skills in Attractive Distractions.

Take Shelter Productions present a surferʼs world in perfect balance between action shots and distraction by breathtaking landscapes – the Independent Film is already traded for the „Surfer Poll Award“ and titled the Production of the Year 2014.

After the event, the 4th Surf Film Festival will once again present the Best Movie Award, the Best Story Award and the Viewersʼ Choice of the year, whereby the latter will be determined by the audience.




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