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Gerry Lopez

Honolulu, Hawaii
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Few surfers are as iconic as Gerry Lopez. Pipemaster through the 1970s and beyond, Gerry went on to pioneer G-Land before exploring the limits of snowboarding in Oregon. His casual style sets the benchmark for all surfers who want to look good in the tube. Gerry continues to talk story, Stand Up Paddle, snowboard and pull into big barrels around the globe.

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Boardroom Int'l Surfboard Show honors Gerry Lopez
11 May, 2016 -INDUSTRY: The Boardroom International Surfboard Show will honor Gerry Lopez during the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off presented...
17 February, 2014 - FITNESS: In the ultimate pairing of youth and masterful experience, Gerry Lopez has announced that ocean wunderkind Kai Lenny will join him...
5 February, 2014 - FESTIVALS: Wanderlust Festival is weeks away from invading the shores of O'ahu and bringing their sun salutations, yoga + mediative...
3 December, 2013 - SUP: Naish International announces that surfing and shaping legend Gerry Lopez has joined their design team. The Hawaiian born shaper, now...


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