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Get the barrel of your life, well, virtually at least

Virtual POV barrel from Skeleton Bay courtesy of YouRiding



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Explore wild African barrels from the comfort of your couch

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 June, 2014 - Have you seen Benji Brand's new GoPro of the World video clip?  With a heaving lip and multiple spitting sections, it might just be the longest barrel ever recorded.  Got a trip planned to Namibia?  Neither do we.  That is why we are getting shacked deep at Skeleton Bay with YouRiding.

At we offer a free to play online surfing game that is as realistic as it gets.  Feel the speed and intensity as you get spit out of the barrel. This is real, live gameplay shown side by side with Benji's GoPro footage to demonstrate to you first hand what surfing this remote wave is really like from the comfort of your living room.



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