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Get the facts on the 2015 ISA World Surfing Games



ISA World Surfing Games

International Surfing Association
Playa Popoyo, Nicaragua
31 May - 7 June 2015

10 things you need to know about the 2015 ISA WSG | espanol

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 May, 2015 - From May 31st to June 7th, the top surfers in the world will gather in Playa Popoyo, Nicaragua, for the 2015 ISA World Surfing Games. The competition will be held at a one of the most renowned breaks in all of Nicaragua.

The 2015 ISA World Surfing Games is rapidly approaching. Over 150 men and women surfers from more than 25 countries will soon arrive to the beautiful country of Nicaragua, its welcoming people, warm waters, and incredible waves.

These are the ten things you need to know about the 2015 ISA World Surfing Games:

1. The ISA World Surfing Games

The 2015 ISA World Surfing Games will gather over 25 National Delegations from every corner of the world, who will gather to compete for their National Team in an “Olympic-Style” event. The surfers compete for medals and the honor of representing their respective countries.




2. The Competition

The 2015 ISA World Surfing Games is a team competition with individual Men’s and Women’s divisions. Each National Team includes 4 Open Men’s and 2 Open Women’s competitors.

3. The Champions

The results from the ISA 50th Anniversary World Surfing Games, which took place in Punta Rocas, Peru in 2014, were as follows:

Team Medals
Peru – Gold
Australia – Silver
Argentina – Bronze
Costa Rica – Copper

Open Men’s
Leandro Usuna (ARG) – Gold
Anthony Fillingim (CRI) – Silver
Shane Holmes(AUS) – Bronze
Nicholas Squires (AUS) – Copper

Open Women’s
Anali Gomez (PER) – Gold
Dominic Barona (ECU) – Silver
Phillippa Anderson (AUS) – Bronze
Jessica Grimwood (AUS) – Copper


4. The Venue

Playa Popoyo is a surf break located located 100 kilometers southeast of Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua. The village is known as a world-class surfing destination and for its high quality, consistent waves and perpetual offshore winds that flow off of Lake Nicaragua 300 days a year.

Playa Popoyo has a tropical climate with air temperatures averaging 75-92 degrees Fahrenheit (24-33 degrees Celsius) and water temperatures hovering around 82 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (28 to 30 degrees Celsius).

5. The Wave

The waves at Playa Popoyo are known as some of the most powerful and consistent in all of Nicaragua. The flat rock reef break offers up hollow rights and lefts, although the left is usually a longer ride. Playa Popoyo breaks on almost all tides, but it is best around mid tide. The most consistent and best surf comes from the South Swells that tend to run from May through November.

6. The Prize

The world’s best surfers will gather to compete for the Individual and Team Gold Medals, the International Olympic Committee President’s Trophy and the Fernando Aguerre World Team Trophy, named for and donated by the ISA President, who was first elected in 1994 and has been elected 8 times since.

7. The History

The ISA World Surfing Games began in 1964 under the name ISF World Championships, and were run by the International Surfing Federation, the first surfing international organization in history. In 1976, the ISF became the ISA. From it’s beginning up to present day, the contestants in the World Championship traveled to compete as a team and to represent their respective nations.



8. The Schedule

The 2015 ISA World Surfing Games will officially open on May 31st with the traditional ISA Opening Ceremony, which will include the Parade of Nations and Sands of the World Ceremony.

The Parade of Nations is a colorful and energy-filled event, complete with teams chanting, waving flags and cheering of the locals who come out to watch the spectacle.

The Sands of the World Ceremony symbolizes the true fraternal spirit that bonds together all members of the global surfing tribe. The union of the countries of the world in this Ceremony is symbolized through the mixing of the sands from the shores of all participating National Delegations, showcasing the ISA desire for a better and peaceful world.

May 29th – Official Press Conference

May 31st – Opening Ceremony: Parade of Nations and Sands of the World Ceremony.

June 1st – Competition Begins

June 7th – Final day of competition, Awards Presentation and Closing Ceremony

9. The Mission

The ISA’s mission is to develop the sport of surfing in Nicaragua and around the world. This is accomplished through annual World Championships, membership development, educational programs, scholarship distribution and working towards Surfing’s inclusion in the Olympic Games.

10. The Support

With the full support of Nicaragua’s President, Daniel Ortega, and the Ministry of Tourism headed by Mayra Salinas, Nicargua last hosted the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship in Granada and La Boquita in 2014, ISA World Junior Surfing Championship in Playa Jiquiliste in 2013, and ISA World Masters Surfing Championship in Playa Colorado in 2012.

Surfing has been integral and successful development tool in the country. According to the Central Bank of Nicaragua, Surfing now registers as the #1 source of travel and tourism for the country.

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