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Giant shark chases Mark Mathews & crew out of the surf

Framegrab of tip of shark's dorsal fin and surfer



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Mathews and friends were surfing in South Australia

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 March, 2015 - Madmen Mark Mathews, Ryan Hipwood and Richie Vaculik were chased out of the water during a South Australia surf session by a shark ‘the size of a whale’.

Mark Mathews and Ryan Hipwood were out with Vaculik filming for “The Crew-Generation Two” when the huge fish swam through the lineup mere feet from the them.

“Richie and I had just taken off on a wave,” said Mathews. “Then Ryan and I were sitting out the back and I swear what I saw was a shark the size of a whale.”

Garage Films posted a clip to Instagram that shows a huge fin near the surfers.

Vaculik told MMA Kanvas that he was paddling back out when he saw Mark and Ryan paddling towards him. “I didn’t even have to ask,” said Vaculik. “I just turned and started doing the same. Then they started screaming and yelling.”

The three surfers stayed out of the water until a local surfer came down and carried on like it was no big deal and paddled out. Mathews, Hipwood and Vaculik then went back into the water to finish the session.

“I was pretty happy to get back on land,” said Vaculik.

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