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Global multi-media project expands women's big-wave surfing




Big Wave Updates

Super Sessions helps connection between big-wave surfers and public

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 November, 2015 - San Francisco - Super Sessions is turning to the Internet to raise funds for the second session in their annual multi-media project following the world’s top female big wave surfers. 

Crowdfunding makes sense for Super Sessions for many reasons: the project itself has a heavy emphasis on creating a direct relationship between world-class surfers and their fans, cutting out the middle-man, so that content produced by athletes isn’t influenced by any third party narrative. Additionally the project has a large social media aspect, which makes sense within the crowdfunding model.

As with the format of, Super Sessions has 30 days to raise their funds in entirety, or the project walks away with nothing. The allotted budget ($150,000) needs to be raised by December 18th, 2015, or all pledges will be canceled.

Even with the risks of crowdfunding, the creators are excited to turn to this method of funding, and look forward to creating a more inclusive experience with fans, hoping to bridge the gap between world-class athletes and those who follow them, while allowing them to be creative with their craft.

Said participant of last year’s Session Keala Kennelly, “It was so different in the fact that we were supposed to send in our own videos and edit them, and it became a way for us to really get creative with our videos and it made it a lot of fun, it wasn’t just about ‘oh go out and surf, put on a jersey, and whoever gets the wave wins’. I had a lot of fun with it.”

Last year with Super Sessions we were able to award $55,000 in prizes to help further the career of female world-class surfers across the world. If their Kickstarter is a success they will be able to use the funds to continue to provide means for the world’s most talented female surfers to pursue their craft, and bring their story to fans wherever they may be.

Leah Dubuc

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