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GoPro launches GoPro Awards to reward content creators



Industry Updates

GoPro customers can earn monetary rewards for clips and videos

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 October, 2015 - San Mateo - GoPro today launched GoPro Awards, an ongoing program that rewards the GoPro community for sharing their best GoPro photos, raw video clips and video edits with GoPro for inclusion in GoPro Channel programming, licensing and more.

GoPro Awards will grant up to $5 million annually to creators of content that emotionally engages, amazes, or excites - from extreme to mainstream moments, professional to consumer. GoPro excitedly encourages all GoPro customers, be they enthusiasts or production professionals, to participate by pursuing their interests, capturing their experiences with a GoPro and submitting their most compelling moments to 

How GoPro Awards Works

1. Capture: Your interests. Your passions. Your life…with a GoPro

2. Submit: Your most interesting photos and videos to

3. Receive: Global exposure and ongoing awards. GoPro Awards will be given for memorable photos ($500), raw video clips ($1000), and video edits ($5000) in a variety of genres.

“GoPro enables a global movement of self-expression that’s resulting in some of the most compelling user-generated content ever created. The positive impact on our brand and business has been immeasurable. Now we’re excited to start rewarding our customers for their content contributions with GoPro Awards,” said Nicholas Woodman, GoPro’s founder and CEO. 



GoPro Awards will also feature content challenges to inspire participants to produce entertaining content in a variety of genres including:

       Science + How-To

“Our customers are some of the most creative people on the planet. A key component of our programming strategy is user generated content,” continued Woodman. “GoPro Awards  creates exciting opportunities for our customers. Whether it’s helping them monetize their content in the form of financial rewards, helping to license their content to other businesses, or helping them get more exposure through our global social and media distribution channels, we’re dedicated to sharing with our community. We believe this program enables our customers to further pursue their passions.”

For GoPro Awards terms and conditions visit:

For GoPro Awards FAQ, visit: 

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