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Grant Twiggy Baker wins Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2008

Grant Twiggy Baker on a bomb in the final © Van Gysen (click to zoom)



Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2008

Dungeons, South Africa
24 July - 31 Aug. 2008                                                                                                       

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Grant 'Twiggy' Baker Wins Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2008 In Excellent Surf!

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 July, 2008 : - - Hout Bay, Cape Town - Grant Baker is the 2008 Red Bull Big Wave Africa champion! In firing 15 to 20-foot surf Twiggy caught two excellent waves to emerge victorious in a truly international final. Two South Africans, two Americans, a Brazilian and a Hawaiian surfer made up the final heat, with the South African taking the win. "The best day of big wave surfing in South Africa to date!" said webcaster Gigs Cilliers as the event drew to a close.

There was excitement and high action from the first rounds, as massive waves heaved over the Dungeons Reef. First drama of the day involved Durban surfer Jason Ribbink in heat one. Jason paddled and caught an excellent-looking wave and was looking good on it until something went wrong and he ended up going over the falls backwards for a massive wipeout. The resultant concussion saw him out of the event under medical advice, even though he made it through the heat.

Heat four saw former event champion Greg Long catching what webcast commentator Richie Sills called "Undoubtedly one of the best waves to be ridden at Dungeons." The set wave saw Greg make a massive drop, set up for a thick inside bowl and get fully barreled through two massive sections for a perfect and absolutely deserved 10-point ride.


Greg Long © Van Gysen (click to zoom) 




Action from today - more photos 


Grant Twiggy Baker : photo Caleb Bjergfelt/Red Bull Photofiles (click to zoom)


The first semi saw Grant Baker from Durban open up with a great wave that ran through the inside section for an excellent opening ride of 8.3 which he followed up with a 7.5 soon afterwards to get a commanding lead. He finished off with a 9-point ride to win the heat comfortably.

In the second semi young Hawaiian Mark Healey paddled into a set wave, made the drop and calmly stalled before grabbing his rail and pulling into a massive tube ride on his backhand. He suffered a big slam on the wave, but the judges rewarded his attempt with 7 points. His second wave was a disastrous wipe, but he had done enough to advance to the final.

It was a solid final with some gusting winds, with the Hawaiian Mark Healey going down hard at the beginning of the heat. A super-late take off on a set wave and subsequent wipeout resulted in a burst eardrum for Healey, and found him back on the boat to watch the rest of the final. Then it was Greg Long who scored an excellent 9.5 opening wave, followed up soon after by the Brazilian Carlos Burle. Baker then kicked in and scored two great waves in quick succession with an 8.2 and a 9.0 to have the highest combined score and the victory.

"I don't know if you guys watching know how big the waves were out there," said Twiggy on the podium, clutching his first place trophy. "but when they came they were so good. Like John said a few years ago, I was just the fortunate guy who got the waves."

Final Results
1. Grant Baker (ZA)
2. Carlos Burle (BRZ)
3. Greg Long (USA)
4. James Taylor (ZA)
5. Anthony Tashnick (USA)
6. Mark Healey (HI)

Sensi Threads Biggest Wave Award - James Taylor
Billabong Biggest Tube Award - Greg Long
Von Zipper Deep Throat Award - Carlos Burle 

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Grant Twiggy Baker event champion © Van Gysen


AM Report :: Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2008 Is On!

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 July, 2008 : - - The predicted swell has arrived and Dungeons is firing. The first heat of the day is set to commence shortly. The live webcast is going to be be activated as soon as the first heat starts.

"The swell is there, like expected," said co-contest director Johnny Paarman from the mountain top at first light. "The winds are good, there are some big waves coming through and Dungeons might do some crazy things later."

Competitors, judges, officials and the media teams have been mobilised and we are looking to start the contest at 8 am so get down here if you are in the vicinity or stay online to view our live webcast, the first in the event’s history. For those of you with poor bandwith or connection speed, there will also be real time written commentary and fresh photos uploaded on the site throughout the day.

The heat line up has also changed slightly as Charles Reitz, who busted up his ribs in yesterday’s practice session, has been replaced by fourth alternate Ryan Butcher of Umhlanga Rox. Kommetjie surfer Thomas King-Kleynhans has also made the cut.

There will be live feed throughout the day, as well as image and video uploads from the event website. 


Images from 2008 practice sessions
More images

Heat 1
Jason Ribbink
Mike Schlebach
James Taylor
Grant Baker
Andrew Marr
Frank Solomon     

Heat 2
David Smith
Ramon Navarro
Chris Bertish
Anthony Tashnick
Ryan Butcher
Micky Duffus

Heat 3
Thomas King - Kleinhans
John Whittle
Barry Futter
Jamie Sterling
Simon Lowe
Mark Healey

Heat 4
Seamn Holmes
Ian Armstrong
Grant Washburn
Tyler Smith
Greg Long
Carlos Burle



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