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Gulf of Mexico oil spill will affect thousands of surfers..

Forecast extent of slick on May 2 : courtesy NOAA

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Gulf of Mexico oil spill will affect thousands of surfers

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 May, 2010 : - - Cleanup and containment of the massive oil slick resumed Tuesday as winds eased in the Gulf of Mexico and people along beaches and bayous waited to find out just how badly it might damage the delicate coast. So far only sheens have reached some coastal waters. The oil has lingered in the Gulf for two weeks, despite an uncapped seafloor gusher.

The slow movement has given crews and volunteers time to lay boom in front of shorelines, an effort stymied by choppy seas over the weekend. BP's chief executive said a containment dome designed to cover the principal leak will be on the seabed Thursday, and will be hooked up to a drill ship over the weekend.

CEO Tony Hayward stressed to reporters in Washington that the procedure had never been done before at a depth of nearly a mile below the water's surface. The plan is to cover the leak with a 98-ton concrete-and-metal box structure known as a cofferdam, and funnel the oil to the surface, but Hayward cautioned "there's no guarantees."


A boom is laid out in Bay St. Louis, Missouri : photo AP


The Gulf of Mexico oil spill will affect thousands of surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers and bodyboarders, from Louisiana to Florida, in the USA. The environmental catastrophe is forecast to hit the northern coasts of the Gulf of Mexico in the coming days. Surfing may be impossible for a long time in these southern US coastal areas.

Surfers are called to help in the beach cleanup. Wear skin and lung protection like impermeable gloves and respirators with vapor cartridges. President, Barack Obama, has said BP is going to pay for the environmental damage caused by the Deepwater Horizon rig, BP have confirmed this. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill might take many months, or longer, to be sorted out.

Oil industry experts and officials are reluctant to describe what, exactly, a worst-case scenario would look like - but if the oil gets into the Gulf Stream and carries it to the beaches of Florida, it stands to be an environmental and economic disaster of epic proportions.

The Deepwater Horizon well is at the end of one branch of the Gulf Stream, the warm-water current that flows from the Gulf of Mexico to the North Atlantic. Several experts said that if the oil enters the stream, it would flow around the southern tip of Florida and up the eastern seaboard. It would be on the East Coast of Florida in almost no time.

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