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Has it been that long? Surftech turns 25 years old



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Brand has expanded from surf to Stand Up Paddling

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 July, 2014 - Santa Cruz - August 2014 marks a major milestone for Surftech as they celebrate their 25th anniversary as a leader in the manufacturing of surfboards, stand up paddleboards and paddleboards. Surftech was founded in 1989 in Santa Cruz after developing a revolutionary way of building composite surfboards.

The boards and the high tech construction caught the eye of many of the top shapers in the world and quickly established Surftech. Over the last 25 years Surftech has shared the lineup with some of the greatest names in the sport of surfing including Rusty Preisendorfer, Al Merrick, Robert August, Micky Munoz, Gerry Lopez, Laird Hamilton, Donald Takayama, Renny Yater, Dale Velzy, Joel Tudor, Bob McTavish, Bob Pearson, Glen Minami, John Carper, Jeff Bushman, Geoff McCoy, Phil Byrne and Dick Brewer to name a few.

Surftech was one of the first manufacturers to produce stand up paddleboards using their advanced technology and quickly became the leader in the market. Through innovative designs and partnerships with paddling icons like Joe Bark and Laird Hamilton, Surftech consistently produced the best boards on the market that have cumulatively ridden more waves, spent more hours on the water, taken more strokes, and won more races than all the other manufacturers in the market combined.

“We are excited to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year,” said Chris Dunn, Surftech CEO, “As we celebrate our quarter century of innovation we are poised to embark on the next 25 years of pioneering surf, stand up paddling and paddleboarding with a number of new technologies, products and programs.”

Surftech is marking their 25th anniversary milestone with the release of several new advancements in board construction technology and an expanded product line in both surf and paddle. The new lineup is focused on the inclusion of carbon fiber, exotic composite cores and new lamination processes making for the best performing equipment on the market. The changes are part of the future of the Surftech brand and commitment to their DNA in surf, stand up paddling and paddleboarding.

This August at Outdoor Retailer, Surftech will celebrate this milestone with a party at their booth (34077) during the show. In typical Surftech fashion the event is a family affair open to the entire surfing, stand up paddling and paddleboarding community, which we consider family.

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