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Hawaiian icon Rochelle Ballard releases 'Surf Into Yoga'


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Hawaiian icon Rochelle Ballard releases 'Surf Into Yoga'

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 April, 2009 : - - Rochelle is regarded as one of the most influential female surfers of our time. With a decorated career, her success resonates in her passion and inspiration for surfing and giving back. After leaving the ASP World Tour in 2007 she began explore her love of surfing and life through her creative sense of inspiring awareness and healthy living.

“When I am riding in a barrel, time slows down and I feel the breath of the ocean. It is rejuvenating and full of energy. Yoga is the same; it makes my body feel refreshed and grounded. I feel my breath move through my body giving me a sense of calming, balance and revitalizing energy.” – Rochelle Ballard

Look for the release of Surf Into yoga in spring 2009. Copies will be found in magazines, surf shops, the Internet and at . The website will feature in-depth bios, exclusive web videos, yoga sequences and healthy conscious living tips.

Surf Into Yoga is intended to encourage its viewers to nurture and discover their own passions in life. Experiencing the environment you live in with exercise, healthy and conscious living, and yoga can bring clarity inspirations and focus. This flow of energy gives us the power to heal ourselves and express our inner gifts.

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