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He's Goofy: Aussie media tackle Adrian Buchan

Adrian Buchan at Surfest © ASP / Robertson 


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Tracks magazine talks to Adrian Buchan about all things goofy

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 March, 2012 : - - Sydney -- Adrian Buchan has kicked off a solid start to his 2012 ASP World Title campaign, notching a 5th place finish at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast while matching Owen Wright, as the top goofy-footer in the event. Following Snapper Rocks, Buchan skipped down to Merewether to compete in the ASP 6-Star Burton Toyota Pro to ignite a couple of lefthanders and while Buchan now has his eyes set on Bells, TRACKS Magazine caught up with Ace about his start to the year and being a goofy-footer on tour. 
It’s no coincidence that Adrian ‘Ace’ Buchan was the last goofy-footer standing come the end of the first ASP World Tour event of the year, the Quiksilver Pro. Ace has a habit of being The Lone Ranger in that department. In fact, all right-foot-forward surfers should celebrate his thorny ability to defy the natural footers dominance of pro surfing. At the Billabong Pro Jeffery’s Bay last year for example, Ace finished third – yep, you guessed it the best finish of any goofy in the field. Ace deserves his super hero like nickname that’s for damn sure.

But not every wave on tour is a right goofies like Ace have to literally surf with their backs to the wall. Today for example, Ace had the pleasure of surfing a little left rip-bowl in the Burton Toyota Pro, a six star W.Q.S event in Newcastle. Not one to pass on a window of opportunity, no matter how small, the stylish power-hound notched up a whooping 18.50 total heat score out of 20 – the highest of the event so far. With Fiji back on the menu, thanks to Volcom, Tracks grabbed Ace for a quick chat about scoring big without airs and life in the goofy lane.

18.50 out of a possibly 20 in your round of 24 heat in the Burton Toyota Pro, normally there’s at least one move, one miss timed turn that you’d like to do over after a heat but not then?
Yeah stoked, I have felt pretty solid in all my heats, but I hadn’t put together a really good one, I knew it was coming and that’s sort of the round you want to do it and get through. Once you’re through that round you’re into the man-on-man and I’m really comfortable surfing man-on-man heats. I’m here this week to win, I wouldn’t come if I wasn’t… the points aren’t like a CT obviously, the CT’s are my focus but this is a prestigious event and I’d really love to win it. I’ve had a second here to Kelly (Slater) back about five years ago and I’d really love to get that trophy in MR’s name

A bit of a statement for powerful-rail-surfing, neither of your two nines had airs in them, perhaps a reminder to young guys like Matt Banting that you can’t win a world title without it?
Look kids like Matty Banting they know that. They know they’ve gotta have it all in their bag – and he does. He’s got everything, and he’s going to have a great career. That was our second heat in this event – he beat me in the other round and that was our second match up and I got him there – I’m looking forward to watching him progress through the juniors and the QS and I’ll probably get to surf against him on the (World) tour sooner rather than later if he keeps competing like he has been.

Read the full Adrian Buchan interview at TRACKS Magazine.


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Source: ASP World Tour

Author: Dave Prodan / ASP Media

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