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Highlight Reel: Gems from the Surfersvillage YouTube channel




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Albee Layer, Barron Mamiya, Clay Marzo and others make it a memorable month

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 May, 2016 - In case you missed it, here are some highlights from the month on the SVTV YouTube channel. “As Seen On SVTV” takes a look a few of the videos that kept us glued to our screens. Each week our YouTube channel brings the best clips in surfing to one location.

This week check out youngster Barron Mamiya finding his place in the Pipe lineup; Albee Layer punting big airs and bigger drops; Supergrom Kylian Guerin tasting six months of epic travel and tubes; Clay Marzo going ‘Mad Cat’ in Western Australia and Fred Campignon capturing amazing new tube angles.


Some are groomed for this from birth. Some have to earn it. At 16-years-old, Barron Mamiya has fought his way into the Pipeline pecking order. Watch him take his effortless skill in waves of consequence beyond the North Shore and across the globe. 


Albee set two goals this year, one was to stay healthy through a Jaws year and the other was to land a backside 540. Not sure if either goal went the way it was planned, but the results were stunning. 


Kylian Guerin’s new edit “Just Find the Exit" is a vision of his surfing over the last 6 months during his 12th year. It's About barrels, carving, and a new found adventure into power surfing.


Riding his own signature pro model - the SUPERbrand ‘Mad Cat’ - Clay Marzo reminds us why he disappears into the outer reaches of Western Australia for weeks on end.


Fred Compagnon once again produced a truly unique video, shooting from inside the wave and into the barrel with a submerged GoPro cam, he takes us underwater, behind the barrel. Check it out on XTreme Video

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