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Hightech smart buoy could stand guard at sharky beaches



Shark Updates

New buoy design to send out shark-alerts

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 March, 2015 - It looks like your regular buoy, round, brightly colored and once set to the sea, it bobs playfully. In this case it’s called the Clever Buoy, a design that hopes to replace shark nets along Australia’s coasts. 

Each buoy has a sonar system inside it that generates images of the ocean and the aquatic life surrounding it. If a big fish, like a shark swims by, the sonar sends a signal to a satellite which in turn sends alerts to nearby lifeguards.

The device uses algorithms to verify objects much like face recognition but with swimming technique and shape instead. Dolphins and other sea mammals have different ways of swimming and won’t be flagged by the buoy.

The project was developed by Shark Attack Mitigation Systems, a company that also develops shark-deterrent print patterns for wetsuits and which is funded by Australia’s Optus Network, a mobile telecommunications company.



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