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Hurley launches boardshort customization tool



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Phantom Create — the DIY answer to boardshort design

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 March, 2012 : - - Everything is cooler when you make it yourself. A skate deck. A surfboard you painted. A song you recorded. Do-it-yourselfers are as punk rock as they come. Enter Phantom Create — the DIY answer to boardshort design. It’s Hurley’s new digital centerpiece: a boardshort customization tool that puts the user in the designer seat.

Create is the perfect way for each user to find their perfect boardshort — the platform pairs the award-winning performance technology of the Phantom Boardshort with the creativity of Hurley’s users, giving them a short that looks exactly how they want and performs at an unparalleled level. Working with the latest iteration of Phantom — Block Party — users can either start from scratch with a blank boardshort, or start with a pre-existing short. The interface offers 20 different colors and patterns to choose from, making the possibilities endless... well, almost. One hundred and twenty one quadrillion, to be exact.

Either way, Hurley’s excited about the new direction Phantom is taking: Give the keys to the users and let them drive for a while. As Ryan Hurley said, “In the past, Phantom was inspired by our athletes. Now, it’s inspired and created by our users.” So, why not take us up on the offer? Let your inner do-it-yourselfer call the shots for a bit, and make today the day you start Creating (


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Source: Hurley

Author: Shannon Munoz

Tags: Hurley, Phantom Create, Boardshorts

Industry: Surfersvillage



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