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Hurley re-introduces Nic von Rupp

Nic von Rupp © Hurley

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Hurley's newest rider learned to surf in Portugal and around the world

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 March, 2013 : - - Nic von Rupp has seious tube chops. Must be something to do with growing up in the heaving beachies and reefs of Portugal. In this latest clip from Hurley you'll meet Nic and witness firsthand his exploits from a Europen winter.


Best place to live in Europe and why?

Praia Grande Sintra Portugal, its got the ladies in summer and the waves in winter!

Best place to find your future wife?
Probably home, there's nothing better than the classiness and Latino blood of a Portuguese woman.

Best meal after surfing all day?
Sushi all the way.

First surfboard?
6'0" Energia Tropical, still sitting at home.

First surf real surf trip?
The 2004 Quiksilver Crossing in the Caribbean.

Best swell this winter?
This winter had plenty of good swells, but probably Ireland mid-January.

Club or dive-bars?
A good club is always a good club...

Favorite board dimensions?
5'11" 18" 3\8  2" 1\4

Worst session this winter?
Hawaiian season was a complete shocker.

Upcoming trip you're psyching on?
Chileeee, cant wait to go there!

Source: Hurley

Author: Peter Jasienski

Tags: Portugal, Nic von Rupp, Germany, Europe, Video

Video : Surfersvillage


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