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Hydroflex technology taps Roberts', Cole & Mayhem shapes


The Dreamcatcher by Robert Weiner is a very versatile surfboard with a very moderate rocker. It carries foam throughout the whole board allowing the surfer to catch plenty of waves. Single to a double concave with a pulled in thumb tail which helps the board hold in bigger surf. The pulled in tail also helps control high-speed turns. The Dreamcatcher is a very fun board to ride. It can be approached from surfers of all different abilities due to it's shape. Will function well in everyday surf due to the moderate rocker, fuller rails and nose outline. Also works great in very hollow fast waves due to the pulled tail and double concave. The Dreamcatcher is a barrel machine and will fly through sections. The board has a moderate rocker with a small amount of flip in the nose allowing it to go really fast and avoid pearling on the drops. Allows you to cruise and have tons of speed without working too hard for it. The rails are medium to full for stability and float, with tucked hard edges for speed and holding power. It's made for waves between knee high to two feet over head. Five fin is standard, can also be ordered as thruster or with a single fin box and side bites.
PRICE: $775

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The Metro by Maurice Cole combines width and thickness from the old retro fish, but introduces a tow inspired bottom rocker and a very deep concave. More width in the tail creates a larger sweet spot and an accentuated change in curve at the 1 mark loosens the board up. This surfboard replaces all Fish type boards.

This design has a foot in both camps. Stability and float while still maintaining the edgy characteristics of speed and rippability. Evidence that you can occasionally teach an old dog new tricks. The Metro is easy to turn and will suit surfers that like a retro feel, but want performance from a board. Unlike an old school fish the Metro 3 will sit high on steep fast sections and won’t morph into a shopping trolley style slide when you want to lay a full tilt cutback or carve deep lines into the wave face. Ask and you shall receive. 

PRICE: $775

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Lost latest work with Kolohe is a smash-up hybrid of the Sub Driver and Beach Buggy. Designed for surfing small waves with a “good wave” approach. Fast and foiled for on rail surfing, but full and forgiving for sub-par and sloppy surf. It’s the Sub Driver outline combines with the Beach Buggy rocker, blended with a new foil. Refinements during the PRIME and WT comps have led us to this board that grovels but is still a true high-performance board. It is fast becoming a go to fave for team riders looking for an edge in small wave contests, as well as the local crew around So Cal who are always ready for a something new.
PRICE: $770

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All Hydroflex boards are handmade in Oceanside, California. We build custom surfboards for Lost, Rusty, Haydenshapes, Pyzel, Roberts, Bradley, Infinity, Bufo, Surf Prescriptions, Carl Ekstrom, Steve Ford, Maurice Cole, Sharp Eye, AJW, Chemistry and more. All Hydroflex boards are built with our 3D Epoxy Glassing which is lighter and stronger than standard polyester resin. We strive to produce the most cutting-edge and high performance surfboards on the market. If you have any questions just give us a call: 1-760-757-7006



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