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If it happened in France in 2013, it's in here...

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The French Surfing Federation offers up 2013 highlight reel | francaise

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 December, 2013 - It was a big year for the French Surfing Federation. The government-sponsored entity launched this video recap of 2013. Everything from coaching sessions to events hosted throughout France are included in this clip.


2013 will be remembered as one of the best years for French surfing. Let's check out the Top 31 highlights of the season before moving into the new year. 

30 . Reunion Surf shines in France Despite a total ban on surfing because of shark attacks for nearly three years, the Reunion surfers go hard during the Brétignolles championships titles  

29 . Justine Dupont is committed to Belharra Lacanau's Dupont made the biggest wave ever surfed by a woman in Europe. In October , she surfs an estimated 8 meter wave at the spot of St Jean de Luz  

28 . Johanne Defay third of ASP World Junior Réunionnaise loops their season with a semifinal show at the Worlds in Brazil. However, this performance  remains frustrating considering her potential world title being largely within reach. 

27 . Jeremy Flores finalist in Haleiwa N.1 French arrived in Hawaii with a mission. He reached the final of the first three races of the Triple Crown (4th place ) and will be a long race to grab the trophy, which ultimately escapes him after his elimination in round 5 at the Pipeline Masters .

Read the full top 31 list in Francaise
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