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Inside Fiji: Peter 'Joli' Wilson takes us there

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Joli's Blog

Fiji Images from Peter 'Joli' Wilson

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 June, 2013 : - - Bula again form Fiji, The promised big swell arrived overnight and continued to build through the day. The strong southerly winds made conditions un-contestable at Cloudbreak but was perfectly offshore at Restaurants.

The last two heats from Round 1 were completed as well as all of Round 2 and three heats of Round 3 rounded out a very long day of waves. John John Florence surfed in all three rounds making it through to Round 4. Along the way he scored the events highest heat score with 19.8 points out of 20 in his Round 2 heat against Bede Durbidge.


Nat Young continued to impress with a couple of 9 point rides in his round 2 win while both Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson finally got to surf a heat with both of them making it through. There is more surf on the way and with the wind switching back towards a Trade Wind direction the event could spend another day at Restaurants before heading back to Cloudbreak.

I've loaded up a bunch of free surfing from Cloudbreak into this Gallery as well as the contest images and will continue to load both as the days unfold. Check out my "Volcom Pro Fiji 2013" images  You may be prompted to log in to identify yourself. (If you don't already have a login, you can quickly create one as needed.)



                               Volcom Pro Fiji 2013 - Images by Peter 'Joli' Wilson


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Author: Peter Wilson

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