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Interview-Tom Carroll to undergo knee surgery

Photo courtesy Quiksilver ..............................Tom Carroll riding barrow

Interview with Tom Carroll

Surfersvillage caught up recently with Tom Carroll whilst he was “between planesEin Europe; He had just returned from Lanzarote in the Canaries where he’d been surfing and training with some of the Quiksilver team.

We learned, as you will find out below, he is to undergo surgery in Australia, for his injured knee almost immeadiately. Typically, Tom foresees no problems with rehabilitation afterwards, having plans in place for a mammoth paddle race in Hawaii in July, and participating in the Quiksilver Masters event in Ireland in September.

TC : Bruce

SV : Yeah Tom, thanks for being there mate, so how are you ?

TC : Pretty good, yeah moving along.

SV : How was the trip ?

TC : Excellent, it was really good down there, I was down in the Canaries in fact.

SV : I saw in the wave chart that there were some huge swells heading in that direction. Did you
get those while you were there?

TC : There were some swells but I didn’t get to surf them as I was leaving that day. There was
Some big surf on the last day.

SV : That’s too bad. It looked about twenty feet on the weather map.

TC : Wow !

SV : What was it like while you were there?

TC : Ah! I had beautiful surf, some beautiful conditions.

SV : Clean, no wind?

TC : Yeah! There were some windy days, for the most part it was a lovely trip for surf. Yeah! It
was excellent, excellent surf.

SV : What about the young guys? Any stand outs this year?

TC : Yeah! the young kids, Ben Skinner from England he was showing some promise, getting out
there and giving it a go. He’s got a great attitude and of course Jonathan Gonzales is always
a stand out of the camp, and will be a stand out on the WQS tour.

So you know all of them are good but these two, they have it. You know you got Luis and you
know the Portuguese guy, Jose, they’re going to be tough competitors, they just have a great
attitude towards it, want to work hard for it you know, so they’re tough competitors.

SV : Yeah! I’ve always admired Jose he’s got a great spirit.

TC : Yeah! Hasn’t he.

SV : Did you do a lot of training yourself while you were there?

TC : Yeah! Better than last year, my knee was no good last year.

SV : Yeah! That’s right.

TC : Really, it’s really difficult and I’m constantly having to service my knee, to make sure its

SV : What are you doing specifically for that?

TC : Gosh! At the moment basically taking it easy, watching it each day, that’s what I do with it.
Don’t do any running, don’t do some biking, strengthen it with lunging exercises and certain
different types of leg exercises which don’t cause any unusual rubbing of the joint or any
compression of the joint. So the year’s been difficult, but its (the knee) actually handled it, its
stood up to the last couple of days pretty well, really good actually. I do actually take anti-
inflamatories when I’m doing heavy stuff like snowboarding, surfing or heavy exercises.

SV : You weren’t at the Eddie this year.

TC : Nah! I didn’t get to surf the Eddie this year, which was unfortunate, but I was working, got caught doing things, didn’t finish till it was a little to late to get over.

SV : Any special projects for the coming year 2001?

TC : Preparing to do the Paddle Race from Molaki to Hawaii so that’s going to be big. We’re doing it as a team with my brother.

SV : Nick?

TC : Yeah! I’ve only got the one brother, that’s the brother Nick. So we are preparing for that.

SV : When is that?

TC : July 29th.

SV : Is that the first highlight of the year then for you? That’s a personnel challenge.

TC : Yeah! It’s a challenge, it’s a big challenge isn’t it? EEI’m having my knee
operated on, and hopefully I’m having it looked at for surgeryE. So that’s why I can ‘t
stay down in the Canaries, and surf with the girls from the team, which is
unfortunate. I’m leaving for Australia tomorrow, to go and see
the doctors basically, and then there’s other stuff, and lots of various other bits and pieces, and more on the crossing in Indonesia.

SV : You’ll be bound for Ireland in September won’t you?

TC : Yeah! Definitely, that’s one for competitive surfing this year and I’ll be aiming at that one.

SV : Have you surfed Ireland before?

TC : Yeah! I’ve surfed Ireland before.

SV : Ah! This is going to be great.

TC : Yeah! I’m really looking forward to it.

SV : Guinness will be happy to see everyone there.

TC : I heard you just can’t help it but love the Guinness. My dad use to feed us some Guinness when I was a kid, actually.

SV : Are you of Irish heritage?

TC : Yeah! Carroll. My Family is from County Antrim.

SV : Yeah! My dad’s from there too, small world.

TC : Y eah! It’s a classic isn’t it? O’Carrolls, it’s from the O’Carrolls.

SV : Yeah! There’s even a cigarette brand in Ireland, Carroll.

TC : Now I bet there is.

SV : You’re everywhere, that’s great. I’m sorry your trip is so short here.

TC : Y eah! I’d love to hang out and do a bit of boarding, it would be great to do some surfing.

SV : It sounds like it’s an important project to work on your knee.

TC : Yeah! That’s the big project for most of the year, and for the rest of my life I think, just stay with the knee and stay surfing, being able to surf I think that is the key.

SV : Are they planning to operate on it?

TC : Yeah! The plan there is to get inside there, and I’ll be doing other sorts off alternative medicines and some rehabilitation. So it’s more or less just sort of getting in there and scraping it clean, and remove some of the lumps and bumps, a rummage in there and having a look around. It’s special when it’s one of the original doctors that checked my knee.

SV : So that’s going to happen fairly soon?

TC : Hopefully yeah as soon as possible.

SV : Well that’s great Tom, that’s good news, I wish you luck and success with the operation.
Thanks for the chat. Thanks for making the time.

TC : It’s a pleasure. Thanks. Bye.

Our thanks to Tom for making time to speak with us here at Surfersvillage. No doubt we’ll be receiving updates on the progress of the “knee-jobEand we’ll keep you posted.

O’b / surfersvillage.


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