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Jack Kingsley stars in final Red Bull "This and Nothing Else"



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Maroubra underground charger Jack Kingsley stars in  new Red Bull clip

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 July, 2015 - Maroubra, Australia - They breed 'em tough in the Maroubra underground. You've heard of the headline acts, take a bow Mark Mathews, but scratch a little further beneath the surface and you'll find a seam of talent funding their big-wave cravings any way they can.

By his own admission, Jack Kingsley is "not the most gifted surfer in the world," but that has never stopped him. As you'll see here, laying carpet by day isn't enough, he works as a stuntman and jiu jitsu instructor after hours to ensure that when the weather maps neccessitate a day off, he's got enough in the bank to down tools and chase the evil waves that brighten his days.

"It's the things you do day-to-day that give you the confidence to push your limits," says Jack. Who are we to argue?



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