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Jamaica's PASAG surf team to wear Body Glove wetsuits


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Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 October, 2007 : - - The Jamaica Surfing Association will be fielding a National Team to the prestigious VIII Pan American Surfing Games to be held in Iquique Chile from the 4th -11th November 2007. It will be the first time that Jamaica will have entrants in 5 divisions at the games.

The water in Chile will be “chilly” to say the least and surfers will require wetsuits in order to contend with the frigid South Pacific Ocean temperatures. To this end, the JSA has secured a sponsorship deal with world’s top wetsuit brand “Bodyglove” which will provide the national team with the latest in cutting edge wetsuit technology specifically designed to keep the Caribbean warmth in.

The Team will be sporting Body Glove’s  revolutionary “ECO” suit. The ECO is the first environmentally friendly wetsuit produced with Body Glove's signature BIO STRETCH rubber and 100% ECO FLEX exterior. The interior of the ECO is 100% non-petroleum calcium carbonate closed cell foam rubber. Both materials are non-petroleum based and 100% environmentally friendly.

The combination of these two materials is the purest form of non-toxic stretch material on the planet. Not to mention the production of these eco-friendly materials only consumes 1/10th the amount of energy normally used in the manufacturing of standard petroleum based wetsuits. The ECO is a SMARTER, GREENER, and CLEANER choice for the environment. With this sustainable wetsuit, we can begin enjoying the earth and our oceans while preserving them at the same time!

All the graphics are printed with organic water ink and the zipper on the exterior pocket key holder is made from recycled plastic. The Vaporlock  seams minimize water seepage and the interior floodgate helps keep the rider dry. The super stretch flex kneepads add to the maneuverability of the wetsuit and surfer.

Team Jamaica will depart the island on October 31st for Iquique Chile through the sponsorship support of Insight, Body Glove, Margarittaville, The Sports Development Foundation, and Quashi Surfboards.



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