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Torres & Bonomelli in semis at Circuit Kölbi

Jason Torres, top of theheap, ISAW Kölbi Cup, National Circuit Adrenaline Rush
Jason Torres © Alfredo Barquero



ISAW Kölbi Cup

Costa Rica
18 – 19 April 2015

ISAW Kölbi Cup by National Circuit Adrenaline Rush

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 April, 2015 - Absences and disqualifications major surprises was the key today daytime number one ISAW Kölbi Cup presented by National Circuit Adrenaline Rush, after any of the first four of the current ranking occupy a position for tomorrow Open semifinals. Major upsets were the theme today at the ISAW Kolbi Cup presented by National Circuit Adrenalin Rush.

Both Jason Torres and Angelo Bonomelli ,who came to Santa Teresa rated fifth and sixth in the standings now tussle for first place in the championship tomorrow. Anthony Fillingim Abarca, Gilbert Brown  and Anthony Lopez are absent from this event due to other Latino Tour obligations in Ecuador. While a favorite to date, Ramon Taliani exited today with his worst result so far this season

Torres, who reached the semi then tomorrow with the best ranking with a total of 2775 points could pass the current points leader, Anthony Fillingim Abarca. Jason has already accumulated 3,608 against 3,000 of Anthony.

Semifinales Open:
 Heat #1
Enoc Santana
Olman Morales
Anthony Segura
Jason Torres
Heat #2
Angelo Boniomelli
Jean Carlos Méndez
Juan Carlos Hernández
Bruno Carvalho
Semifinales Open Femenino
 Heat #1
Valentina Resano
Charlie Meek
Leilani McGonagle
Merary Jimenez
Heat #2
Coral Wiggins
Lisbeth Vindas
Camila Summers
Paula Duarte


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