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Jeremy Arnoux wins the GoPro Annaëlle Challenge

Breton slab “Annaëlle”, GoPro Annaëlle Challenge
Annaelle Challenge © Deregnieaux




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Jeremy Arnoux wins the GoPro Annaëlle Challenge 2014 | francaise

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 October, 2014 - The mix of tension, apprehension, & excitement was huge as everyone headed  to the little deserted island home of the Breton slab “Annaëlle”. Once there, the locals were confident the waves would be good, offering the best conditions yet for the GoPro Annaëlle Challenge

Round 1: Who better than our 2011 World Champ & 2014 Vice-World Champ Pierre-Louis Costes to start the contest?

PLC was so motivated for his fist ever meeting with Annaëlle. Unfortunately, Germain Romigou had a bad wipe out. Result was 4 stitches at the head, 4 more at the elbow and a big can of pâté Henaff as Trophy.

In the final PLC & Alex each quickly found a huge wave. The tone was set, and everyone knew it’s gonna be tight. Jérémy Arnoux appears to be a real expert in heavy surf, finding bombs one after the other and mixing it up with backflips, barrels and big rolls…

In the end, he claimed the title of the GoPro Annaëlle Challenge 

Complete results :
1.    Jeremy Arnoux
2.    Alex Uranga
3.    Pierre Louis Costes
4.    David Le Fèvre
5.    Borja Gainzarain
6.    Derek Crater
7.    Yves Marie Le Fourn
8.    Julien Le Séhan
9.    Mickael Kerlir
10.   Max Ausina
11.   Morgan Le Quellec
12.   Laurent Jegoudez
13.   Simon Carnot
14.   Ghislain Vaginay
15.   Adrien Montmeau
Injured.    Germain Romigou
« Biggest Wave » Trophy : Pierre Louis Costes
« Biggest Wipe Out » Trophy : Germain Romigou


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