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Joan Duru & Maud Le Car hit Hossegor before Los Cabos WQS

Maud Le Car © FFS/G. Arrieta



Coup de France

Surfing France
Hossegor, France
7 - 8 June, 2014

Duru & Le Car make time for Coup de France | French

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 June, 2014 - Just as they did last year at the same time, Joan Duru from Landais and the Caribbean Maud Le Car participated in the Coupe de France.

This Sunday, at the spot of Naturistes in Hossegor, the two surfers fired before returning to the pro circuit waves.

Three days before leaving for the 6-star WQS Los Cabos, Mexico, Joan Duru and Maud Le Car found opportunity to practice in France on Sunday in Hossegor.

In beautiful waves, on the spot of "Culs Nus", 500 m north of Gravière, the two pro circuit surfers showcased their skills.  After a small day on Saturday, the waves peaked at two meters on Sunday, offering exceptional conditions for the first real summer weekend this year.


Open Men
1. Joan Duru (Hossegor sc) 18.3 pts
2. Cloarec Nelson (Capbreton sc) 16.03 pts
3 Ian Fontaine (UJAP - Quimper sc). 14.63 pts
4. Duvignac Vincent (Mimizan sc) 10.60 pts

Open Women
1. Maud Le Car (SXM Waterboys) 11.96 pts
2. Tessa Thyssen (A Joe Reefer sc) 10.59 pts
3. Alizé Arnaud (Hossegor sc) 9.66 pts
Morau 4. Ana (BASCs) 6.76 pts

Partners/Sponsors: Turquoise surf travel, Surf Session, Town of Hossegor, Landes General Council, the Committee of Surf Landes, Aquitaine Regional Committee Surfing, Surf Hurricanes, NSDC, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Surfstitch Region Aquitaine.

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