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Joe Curren signs on as hedge fund consultant



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Why the Hedge Fund industry is talking to Joe Curren

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 November, 2013 - Most people would consider hedge fund strategy and professional surfing to be worlds apart. But one firm is partnering with Joe Curren to bring some ideas to the industry. Topturn Capital, a boutique investment management firm, decided to adopt a more sophisticated approach to marketing after the SEC's approval of the JOBS act freed up hedge funds to market themselves.

Working with writer, photographer, wood worker Joe Curren, Topturn is looking to create more engaging materials that are designed to elicit a response from a wider range of investors.

Working as a creative consultant, Joe is helping Topturn develop language and build marketing tools that are genuine to the firm's name. Going so far as to host the filming of a new promotional video in the shop he shapes surfboards, Joe has helped Topturn create a marketing piece.

There is already a strong connectivity between surfing and the firm, as a "top turn" refers to a surfer's ability to reposition back into the momentum of moving water – an analogy that precisely parallels Topturn's approach to asset management.

Dan Darchuck, Topturn Capital's Co-Founder and Managing Director said, "With the passing of the JOBS Act there is increased competition for the attention of investors.  Named after a move in surfing we decided to explore how we could leverage our connectivity to the sport to stand out, and we bumped into Joe.

Alone we would never have thought to draw an analogy between shaping a surfboard and shaping our strategy.  It really is brilliant thinking.  Offering us use of his custom photography has also allowed us to create materials that are visually engaging.  Marketing at this level has never happened in our sector, and all that have seen our materials are extremely complimentary. We have Joe to thank for that."

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