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John John Florence

North Shore, Oahu

Groomed from childhood to be a surf star, John John Florence is delivering on the surf world's expectations as he enters adulthood. Raised at Pipe his game is next-level, as freakish as Slater & Jamie O'Brien. In addition to his tube game he's brought skate to surfing the way few others have, save Christian Fletcher. Few match John John in tech and height, and he nails them as easy as one would during an afternoon session at the local skate park. JJF wraps it all up in a casual, pleasing style. The world can't wait to see where he goes from here, either dissinterseted pro a la Dane Reynolds, or whether he turns on the competitive lavaflow like fellow Hurley team mate Julian Wilson.

SPONSORS:Hurley wetsuits and clothing, Vans footwear, Spy sunglasses, Nixon watches, Monster energy drinks, Future Fins and Jack's surf shop


John John's Videos

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Just-under-a-minute of John John Florence at local breaks
Highlights: Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal Final Day
Lay Day big-wave session in Portugal
John John gets his quads firing before France
Official Teaser: Volcom Pipe Pro 2014
Enjoy John John's exploits
Owen Milne captures Black Friday at Pipeline
NorPac gets all, like, "let's party" with the North Shore
John John Florence wins his quarterfinal heat against Jordy Smith
10 July, 2016 - WSL CT: Competition at the J-Bay Open continued today with the opening Quarterfinal match-up in three-to-four foot deteriorating surf at...
26 May, 2016 - DESIGN: The Stubby Bastard takes a shot at a design made to suit the best of both worlds, an ultra high-performance shortboard and a stubby step...
19 May, 2016 - DESIGN: Medina looked unstoppable. So did Adriano. But then John John Florence stopped Adriano. In Brazil. How? Throughout the event John John...
19 May, 2016 - WSL CT: John John Florence has blitzed his way to victory at the Oi Rio Pro in four-to-six-foot surf at Postinho. Florence beat Jack Freestone...
22 April, 2016 - VIDEOS: In and around the Drug Aware Pro Margaret River a lot of amazing free surfs went down. In the midst of those free surfs a lot of...
16 March, 2016 - BLOGS: It was a very wet finish to the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro's here on the Gold Coast but it didn't dampen the spirits of Matty...

John John's Photos

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John John FlorenceGuy Candy


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