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Joli captures big bang finish to 2012

Waimea shorebreak © Joli

Joli's Blog

Outer reefs, Waimea, Pipeline all light up on December 30 & 31

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 January, 2013 : - - If the last two days of 2012 were anything to go by it looks like Winter has finally arrived. Pipe turned on December 30 with a building swell pushing the 15' mark through the afternoon. All the outer reefs were feathering and breaking from Log Cabins to the back of Sunset. The strong Trade winds kept the barrels open, 2nd and 3rd Reef broke with Michale Ho riding one from the horizon to the beach.


Monday December 31 saw Waimea Bay breaking. The shore break threw up a few spectacular waves with sets out the back in the 20' range. A good way to end the year. The northwest swell was hitting the North Shore with sets in the 15'-20' range during the morning and dropping back slightly during the afternoon. Waimea was the focus of attention with the shorebreak going off early and a pack riding the tackling the waves. Some crew were towing in on the outer reefs.

Enjoying those 2 days of massive waves now means massive editing. Check my Hawaii 2012 Freesurfing and Lifestyle images

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Author: Peter Wilson

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