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Junior Pro Espinho hacked down to the semifinalists

Jonas Bachan © WSL / Masurel




Junior Pro Espinho

World Surf League Junior Qualification Series 
Praia de Gaia, Espinho - Portugal
23 - 26 ​June , 2016

Double banks run to keep contest moving forward

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 June, 2016 - The Junior Pro Espinho continued with again episodes of fog forcing organizers to delay the start of the first heats. When conditions cleared competition resumed and decided the event’s semifinalists.

Competition resumed just before noon with the remaining heats of the men’s third round on double banks. With the wind and current adding texture to the wave’s face, the north bank provided its usual left hander while further south a nice right hander had formed on the outside, converting into a left closer to shore, with good powerful sections.

French goofy footer Lens Arancibia Avila (FRA), 18, dominated his heat on the south bank with a strong performance to advance through the rounds with confidence. With a 14.50 combined heat total under the belt, he insured his way into round 4 and confirmed that the backup spot had what it took to post excellent scores.

“My second wave was really good, the right is fun on the south bank”, he said. “That’s my first heat in the event so I’m really happy with the result. We couldn’t hear very well because of the wind, and I didn’t think I would post a score as high as 8.33.”

With the wind reinforcing and waves getting smaller, Leo-Paul Etienne (GLP), 17, fired up on the north bank left hander. After a slow start and a fair combination for his compatriotTheo Julitte (GLP), Etienne managed to reverse the situation and take the win with an excellent 8.50, backed up with a 5.60.

“I had a 4 and no back up and Theo was in the lead with two average waves, but conditions were dropping and it’s fast. After ten minutes I got my best wave and then I managed to improve my backup.” he explained.

He later confirmed his new found form with a solid strategy to obtain the highly coveted ticket for the semifinals.

Canarian Luis Diaz, 17, drew the attention to him again and got his round 4 bout underway posting a 8.93 and a 5.90 on the south bank. The quarterfinals were just a mere walk in the park for the young surfer who advanced into the semis with a solid 14.84 total.

One of the youngest competitors, Tiago Carrique (FRA), 14, succeeded twice going through two heats and getting his very own spot for the semis.  
“There were only small waves at the beginning, so I waited patiently,” he reflected. “Then the set came but I didn’t have priority. I let the first one to the other guy and finally it turned out the second wave was better and I got my best score. I went straight back to the line up and got a good backup.”

Portuguese Teresa Bonvalot (PRT), 16, found a good rhythm and had a chance to exploit the south bank’s left hander combining powerful turns. A smart and experienced competitor, Bonvalot chose the best option surfing a wave offering the best wall and multiple scoring opportunities. She will be Portugal’s lone representative in the semifinals when competition recommences.

On the alternative podium, Nadia Erostarbe (EUK), 16, found her pace and took out quarterfinal N°2, eliminating reigning European Junior Women’s champion Juliette Brice(FRA) in the process.

“I took the first one, and made a cut back and several turns and this is where I scored,” she explained. “It’s very difficult out there, but if you’re patient and wait for the good one, you can really exploit the different sections and get the points.”

Both men and women semifinals contenders are now decided and contest officials will reconvene on Sunday to make a call at 11AM and complete the event.

The Junior Pro Espinho is scheduled from June 23-26, 2016 at praia de Baia, Espinho - Portugal. For all results, photos, video highlights and press releases, log on

The Junior Pro Espinho is organized by GPDESIGN Brand Communication and Surf Atitude Clube, sponsored by Câmara Municipal de Espinho, with support of: PraiaGolfe Hotel, Castros, Refer, CP, SuperBock, with media partners: Porto Canal, FUEL TV, SURFPortugal, Vert, ONFIRE and Surftotal among others.

Heat 1: Teresa Bonvalot (PRT), Neis Lartigue (FRA), Nadia Erostarbe (EUK), Melania Suarez Diaz (ESP)

Heat 2: Ariane Ochoa (EUK), Eveline Hooft (NLD), Maddi Aizpurua (ESP), Nina Reynal (FRA)

Heat 1: Luis Diaz (CNY), Leo-Paul Etienne (GLP), Tiago Carrique (FRA), Mathis Crozon (REU)

Heat 2: Jonas Bachan (AUT), Lander Davila (ESP), Thomas Debierre (GLP), Jacome Correia (PRT)

Heat 1: Teresa Bonvalot (PRT) 13.84, Neis Lartigue (FRA) 9.27, Ilona Goasguen (FRA) 8.07, Juliette Lacome (FRA) 2.67

Heat 2: Nadia Erostarbe (EUK) 10.26, Melania Suarez Diaz (ESP) 7.74, Juliette Brice (FRA) 5.60, Violeta Sanchez (ESP) 4.87

Heat 3: Ariane Ochoa (EUK) 9.87, Eveline Hooft (NLD) 6.50, Ainhoa Leiceaga (FRA) 5.26, Sara Urresti (EUK) 5.20

Heat 4: Maddi Aizpurua (EUK) 11.60, Nina Reynal (FRA) 10.97, Ellie Turner (GBR) 10.80, Uhaina Joly (FRA) 7.90

Heat: Luis Diaz (CNY) 14.84, Leo-Paul Etienne (FRA) 13.37, Titouan Boyer (MAF) 9.16, Kauli Vaast (PYF) 8.47

Heat 2: Tiago Carrique (FRA) 13.90, Mathis Crozon (REU) 13.34, Theo Julitte (FRA) 10.27, Diego Suarez Diaz (CNY) 9.54

Heat 3: Jonas Bachan (AUT) 11.77, Lander Davila (ESP) 8.93, Maixent Dudezert (FRA) 5.67, Endika Garai (ESP) 5.50

Heat 4: Thomas Debierre (GLP) 12.33, Jacome Correia (PRT) 10.10, Imanol Geledan (FRA) 8.90, Kalani Da Silva (CNY) 7.70

Heat 1: Luis Diaz (CNY) 14.83, Diego Suarez Diaz (CNY) 11.80, Justin Becret (FRA) 7.84, Afonso Antunes (PRT) 7.63

Heat 2: Leo-Paul Etienne (GLP) 14.10, Theo Julitte (FRA) 11.94, Thomas Doumenjou (FRA) 9.27, Liam Murray Strout (GBR) 7.10

Heat 3: Tiago Carrique (FRA) 11.37, Kauli Vaast (PYF) 7.63,Francisco Almeida (PRT) 6.30, Tiago Santos (PRT) 3.84

Heat 4: Mathis Crozon (REU) 10.16, Titouan Boyer (MAF) 8.96, Ruben Vitoria (EUK) 8.57, Ignacio Guisasola (ESP) 8.54

Heat 5: Jonas Bachan (AUT) 10.37, Kalani Da Silva (CNY) 9.14, Lens Arancibia Avila (FRA) 8.44, Arran Strong (GBR) 6.27

Heat 6: Lander Davila (ESP) 14.83, Imanol Geledan (FRA) 9.80, Eño James (GBR) 9.33, Enzo Poulat (FRA) 9.24  

Heat 7: Thomas Debierre (GLP) 13.40, Maixent Dudezert (FRA) 9.23, Yael Pena (CNY) 9.17, Guilherme Ribeiro (PRT) 8.17

Heat 8: Jacome Correia (PRT) 9.07, Endika Garai (ESP) 8.60, Gaizka Housset Ezponda (FRA) 8.46, Fynnlee Miller-Cooley (GBR) 8.40

Heat 9: Lens Arancibia Avila (FRA) 14.50, Enzo Poulat (FRA) 8.83, Thomas Ledee (BLM) 7.53, Jose Marques Correia (PRT) 5.70

Heat 10: Kalani Da Silva (CNY) 11.74, Lander Davila (EUK) 10.64, Assad Harakat (MAR) 8.44, Sean Gunning (ESP) 4.70

Heat 11: Eño James (GBR) 8.47, Arran Strong (GBR) 8.03, Enzo Cavallini (GLP) 6.43, Juan Lopez (ESP) 5.17

Heat 12: Imanol Geledan (FRA) 9.00, Jonas Bachan (AUT) 8.60, Andres Melendez (PRT) 4.43, Kilian God (FRA) 4.16

Heat 13: Yael Pena (CNY) 11.77, Gaizka Housset Ezponda (FRA) 11.67, Dylan Groen (DEU) 8.10, Gabriel Ribeiro (PRT) 5.40

Heat 14: Thomas Debierre (GLP) 9.93, Endika Garai (ESP) 9.46, Harry De Roth (GBR) 8.84, Gaspar Teixeira (PRT) 7.14

Heat 15: Jacome Correia (PRT) 11.50, Guilherme Ribeiro (PRT) 9.90, Diego Garcia (ESP) 6.97, Nanook Ballerin (BLM) 5.57

Heat 16: Fynnlee Miller Cooley (GBR) 11.24, Maixent Dudezert (FRA) 10.47, Luis Perloiro (PRT) 9.10, Kike Suarez (ESP) 5.77

World Surf League, Junior Qualification Series, Praia de Gaia, Espinho - Portugal

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