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Juniors set record of perfect 10s at Rangiroa Jr. Tahiti

Thomas Woods : photo ASP Australasia/Rowland

Tahiti Nui Satellite Rangiroa Pro Junior

ASP Grade 5 Junior Men's event
Tuanotu, Tahiti
15 - 19 March 2010

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Six of the eight heats show perfect ten-point rides

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 March, 2010 : - - Rangiroa, Tahiti -- Junior surfers competing in the TNS Rangiroa Pro Junior in Tahiti set a record of perfect scores with six of the eight heats surfed, recording perfect-ten point rides during the round of 12 today.

Local surfers Niuhi Marere and Tamaroa McComb confirmed their credentials at Tahiti’s best, dominating the idyllic right-hand barrels to emerge as the standout performers of the event to date. Marere set the benchmark during his match-up against Tommy Meyers (NSW) by posting the first of the day’s perfect 10-point rides on his first wave of the heat, to advance into the quarterfinals in first place.

Riding only four waves during the 30-minute exchange, not one of which fell below the excellent 8-10 point category, Marere’s back-up score of a 9.60 earned him the highest two-wave heat total of the event, a 19.60 (out of 20.00).


Tamaroa McComb : photo ASP Australasia/Rowland


McComb, a respected competitor on the Australian Junior circuit, warmed up with a 9.50 (out of ten) before picking off an impressive looking set wave to score himself a perfect ten, snatching  victory over Australian rival Blake Ainsworth (Coolangatta).

Tuesday’s standout Perth Standlick (Bondi, NSW) appeared somewhat out of rhythm at the start of his round 12 heat, posting a series of average scoring rides before taking the lead from Hawaiian surfer Makai McNamara with a 9.60. Standlick went on to solidify his victory by posting yet another of the day’s perfect 10.00’s.

Enrique Arlitu (Tahiti) joined his fellow countryman in the elite 10-point category posting a perfect 10 followed by an excellent 8.00 ride to edge out the only remaining South African competitor Brendon Gibbens. Billy Kean (Coffs Harbour) defeated Buck Woods (NZL) with a 10 and 8-point combination, sailing into the quarterfinals.


Mitch Crews : photo ASP Australasia/Rowland


Also advancing today today were James Woods (Coolangatta) who, despite posting a perfect 10 to advanced over fellow Australian Brent Savage (NSW), won the heat on a comparatively low scoring two-wave total of 14.25 (out of 20.00) when he a failed to find a second high-scoring back up wave.

Ty Watson (NSW) and Mitch Crews (QLD) were the only two surfers not to lock-in perfect scores  but advanced nonetheless  and will meet one another in the quarterfinals. The remaining quarterfinal heats will see exciting match-ups between Niuhi Marere and Perth Standlick, Billy Kean and Enrique Arlitu and James Woods taking on Tamaroa McComb.

The inaugural Tahiti Nui Satellite Rangiroa Pro Junior sees 48 of the world's best pro junior surfers of 20 years and under, compete in Tahiti from the 15 - 19 March 2010. The surfers will compete for US$25,000 in prize money and valuable ratings points to qualify for the ASP World Junior Tour.

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