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Kelly Slater on board with Volcom, Electric & others



Team Updates

Kelly now brand ambassador for any and all Kering brands

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 November, 2014 - Kelly Slater has spoken up about his new relationship with Volcom Inc. and Electric Visual. Both brands are part of Paris-based luxury clothing and accessories company Kering, which backs Slater’s own clothing label, Outerknown. According to reports Kelly will also endorse Puma’s Cobra golf gear, another Kering brand.

“I’ve had lots of questions in recent months about sponsorships, who's supporting me, that sort of thing, so I figured I could most easily explain it here,” said Slater via Instagram.

“I've been fortunate to go in a completely different direction and start a new brand called outerknown. Early on in the process, I met with The Kering Group to talk about partnering on brand creation and they immediately understood the ideas I/we had. We quickly came to an agreement of mutual support. They're helping Outerknown in any way necessary and I've become a Brand Ambassador for any and all of their brands that make sense for both of us. 

“I’ll be working on surf-specific product with Volcom and Electric Visual and using Cobra/Puma golf gear while establishing Outerknown. I was recently in Paris to meet the whole team at Kering headquarters. I was totally blown away by their level of expertise in sustainability, sourcing and design across all platforms. I'm beyond stoked with this opportunity and my new team.”

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