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Kelly Slater launches drink brand called 'Purps'



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Slater's new brand launched via social media

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 July, 2014 - Kelly Slater announced the launch of a new sport drink called Purps. Slater introduced the brand as a healthy alternative to the high-sugar energy drinks currently on the market. Purps was created by Slater, Pat Tenore and Dr. Chris Schaumburg, and announced to the world via Slater’s social media network. See below for the verbatim launch by the champ. 

"I'm excited to announce the launch of @Purps, a project I've been working on for some time now with my friends, Pat Tenore (@pmtenore) and Dr. Chris Schaumburg. #Purps is the result of years of brainstorming between myself and the other founders. The obvious question begs asking...why another drink brand? The mainstream drink market is flooded with high sugar, low nutrient drink options and we wanted to offer better and healthier choices for people to grab on the go. "

"As a brand, the Purps mission is 'To unite Nature and Science to promote your life's Health'. Dr. Schaumburg has worked tirelessly creating and perfecting the #PurpleLifeFormula comprised of 6 Purple Superfruits from around the world, #CertifiedOrganic and #NonGMO. All of our formulas are designed with a purpose from premium ingredients. #NoArtificialColors #NoPreservatives #PurpsLife #PurpsItForward Check it out at #MaramingSalamatPMTenore @gopro @cisurfboard"


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